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Baltimore is doing a Restaurant Week, hon

Anyone stand out restaurants that are on the list???

A friend said they are trying "True." Can anyone comment on this one?

Always wanted to try the Bicycle.....

www.CITYPEEK.com has the list....

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  1. Some friends and I ate The Bicycle for the first time a few weeks ago and we had a totally outstanding meal.

    My only criticism is that everything seemed maybe one notch too complex. For example, I had this appetizer: "Seared Diver Scallops - porcini crusted scallops, braised napa cabbage with apple + bacon, white truffle vinaigrette, pumpkin-parmesan slaw, beet reduction". The scallops were perfect, but I don't think the dish would have suffered with one or two fewer ingredients on the plate. This is just a style thing on my part though.

    By the way, the table was unanimous that the Coffee Crème Brûlée was the best crème brûlée in town.

    Highly recommended. I know we'll be going back.

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      that scallops dish does sound like a bit much. the scallops with the cabbage and a simple beurre blanc would have been lovely, me thinks.

    2. Where does this website mention Restaurant WeeK?

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        The link's on the top right of the page, over the picture of a crabcake.

      2. True is very nice at this price. I would try Blue Sea Grill and I understand Phillips has been really on their game. I need to get a crab cake.
        I will not miss Aldos.
        I will be gaining some weight!!!

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          I'd skip Phillip's. Huge kitchen serving mass quantities to tourists. They don't even use blue crabs (instead they import something they dubbed "blue swimming crab" from Asia).

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            I was underwhelmed by Blue Sea Grill. Everything was done perfectly, but it wasn't terribly exciting fare. Just standard grilled fish, side dishes, etc. Yes, the decor is loverly and it's got a great bar, but you can do better in terms of food in Baltimore, IMHO.

            We also got a thank you card in the mail from the server, which freaked me out a bit. I hope they've stopped doing it, because it crosses the line. (He asked me to sign up for their special events--which I have never recieved. That's how he got my mailing address.)

          2. This seems to be only a citypeek.com members rest. week. BACVA... balt. area convention and visitors assoc hosted the last rest. week with well over 50 venues. Plans are for this to happen again sometime this year.

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              I dont know if this is for City peek members only. You book the reservations through open table.

            2. Sorry, I meant the restaurants had to be citypeek.com members/customers of the web site.

              1. We really liked Roy's and the menu listed there has their best stuff. I'd go back for $30.

                1. Baltimore's "Official" Restaurant week is in late July 2007 (I believe the last week), run in connection with Downtown Partnership.

                  1. Yea this doesn't look like a real restaurant week. Most of those restaurants are local chains or national franchises.

                    I guess I'd take the opportunity to see if Tio Pepe's has improved, or see what's going on at Tatin or Bicycle.

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                      The interesting thing about this restaurant week is that the restaurants got together and decided do it with out any prompting. All of the restaurants are great choices for the price. The Bicycle is great. I also had a great meal at Da Mimo recently.

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                        where did you get the info that the restaurants themselves initiated this? I can't find any press anywhere.

                    2. I have never been to True. The Bicycle was great. People are friendly and the chef did a great job.

                      1. The boyfriend and I are in the mood for steak. So - of the steakhouse-type restaurants participating in RW -- which do folks recommend? We've eaten at Prime Rib before so are tempted to try something new, unless the other 3 aren't as good.

                        Looks like the choices are:
                        Capital Grille
                        Prime Rib
                        Ruth's Chris

                        We're also noting that the Ruth's Chris RW menu does not appear to come with any entree accompaniments (mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, etc).

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                          I haven't eaten at any of the others besides Ruth's Chris, but I would definitely recommend Ruth's Chris. They always have great steaks and tasty sides...BTW all items are a la carte but the side portions are probably enough for two to share. Good luck!

                        2. Timothy Dean's was awesome during the last restaurant week - and on the short list of places we'll be going back to. On top of that, they were very cool under pressure, as we had a power outage during the first 45 minutes we were there, and just brought out the candles and kept going.