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Jan 20, 2007 09:55 AM

Yoku Yoku - Froyo & Gelato (Westside Village)

Sad when my local Penguins (Palms & Sepulveda) became a "Pinkberry Casualty." This location has been replaced with a new dessert place called Yoku Yoku.

Serves frozen yogurt and gelato. Yogurt flavors are simple: Italian (tart), chocolate, peanut butter and vanilla. As well as gelato, smoothies, and fruit/non-fruit toppings dry toppings. Parking is convenient, decor is cute but a bit bright you may need sunglasses if you have a hangover.

I say - down with Pinkberry, support your local froyo vendor! (And yes, the owners know their sign is mispelled - "house of desert" <LOL>).

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  1. If you visit this new place across from the Trader Joe's and Galaguetza (sp?) be sure to save a buck or two and sample the excellent doughnuts at Royal in the middle of the same strip mall, between the Chinese fastfood and the pizza place. Very pleasant and hardworking family operation (mostly mom) with very tasty fare, particularly the crispily fried cinnamon rolls (please don't take the last one!) and apple fritters.

    1. Thanks for the posting. We go to that Trader Joe all the time, and will have to give it a go.

      Haven't been to Pinkberry yet but really don't care for the hype, the smug attitudes of the teenibops working the counters, and the whole "create a buzz by choosing a location with no parking" tactics by this chain that so many bloggers have mentioned. Also check out Deep End Dining's Oct26 article on "Punk'd Berry." This guy is not only fearless, but he writes like a Pulitzer Prize winner (and he should have one!), and he knows his food! I am not a lemming, as I hope most of our fellow bloggers aren't. Can't see what would drive someone to even consider trying them, given all the hysteria.

      I am guessing that you mention the need for sunglasses for those who may have the propensity to be hung over... not you of course! ;)

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      1. re: bulavinaka

        How can you slam a place without visiting yourself and forming your own opinion? It seems like you are judging a place based on the opinions of others without even checking it out for yourself. Pinkberry was a small local enterprise that became immensely successful based on an excellent product. We should be happy to support our little guys even when they hit the big time. I'm sure all the current fans will be quick to throw Yoku under the bus the second they open their second or third location. A great neighborhood spot doesn't automatically become evil when it begins to expand into other locations. Pinkberry is still the fantastic place I fell in love with when it first opened its doors in my Weho nabe.

      2. Isn't Penguin's a chain as well? How is supporting them any better than supporting Pinkberry's? (I've never been to Pinkberry's by the way, and actually liked Penguin's fine.) I noticed the new "desert" place but was in a rush. Thanks for the info.

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        1. re: writergirl

          There is only one Penguin's left in the entire "chain" which is at the corner of Westwood and Olympic. Although they keep the Penguin's name, they are an individual entity now. No more corporate control. If you like traditonal fro-yo, this is the best place to go. Exceptionally reasonable price as well! They also serve Italian sour which is comparable to PB original.

          1. re: fdb

            There is a Penguin's in the Marina too.

        2. I went to Yoku Yoku this weekend. Great Italian yogurt. In addition, yogurt samples come in a mini-wafer cone. The owners seem to be working hard to make it a go.

          Also, I never like the former Penguins (I like the one on Olympic and Westwood much better). I thought it was dirty. I'm glad they cleaned it up with this bright new place.

          1. Samples in a mini-wafer cone? Now that's style! Sounds like something PinkBerry would do - NOT! Will have to make a go of this place.