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Jan 20, 2007 07:03 AM

Anybody else like Tijuana Flats?

It's not tremendously innovative, but the food's usually fresh and the combination of fresh (not canned) jalapeño and flaming hot salsa makes it one of the few places in Florida where I can satisfy my hot tooth.

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  1. Where is it??? Florida is a big state!

    1. It's a smallish chain that started in Orlando. There's one a block from where I work in Ft. Walton Beach.

      I know they're nowhere close to authentic but I like them for lunch. They don't use lard (a plus in my book), use fresh ingrdients, and have it set up so if you're looking for something less greasy, you can get the flavor of your lunch from the hot sauces rather than excessive fats.

      1. They have about 50 locations in about 7-8 states, See their Web site for specifics about where and other details. It's actually a pretty entertaining site.

        As for the food, it isn't anything close to authentic Mexican, more along the lines of other Tex-Mex regional chains.

        Emphasis is on fresh, which means things taste better, and on a wide variety of different hot sauces -- each location has its own hot sauce bar with 12-16 sauces which change regularly.
        Food's cheap, service is good, they have a cool attitude. For what it is at that price point, what's not to like?


        1. Their chimichanga is awesome. I haven't been there in a while, but I like it a lot. I wish they put out more mild-to-medium hot sauces, as usually the majority of them are way too hot and cause great damage later.

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            Good but I like Moe's better. I think the food quality is equal, but I think Moe's wraps a better burrito, and their salsa is more to my liking (I like a little substance to mine)

            1. re: theflytyr

              I like Moe's better than Tijuana Flats because Moe's has a salsa bar rather than a hot sauce bar, and I'll eat salsa like it's going out of style, whereas most hot sauces render food inedible for me, or just kill my guts.

          2. I haven't been there, but my husband tried it on a recent trip to Orlando and said it was HORRIBLE. Granted, we are recent transplants from Texas and have very high standards for Tex-Mex. In our experience, Florida is extremely deficient in good Tex Mex, although we have found some gems of Mexican (as opposed to Tex Mex) restaurants in Clearwater.