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Jan 20, 2007 06:31 AM

bubble tea shops in northern VA, DC ?

i am kind of new to norther VA and looking for a bubble tea/coffee shop that has a setup kinda like starbucks with comfortable couches, tabels to do school work on, and just a comfortable atmosphereto hang out. im from SoCal where we have lots of bubble tea shops like these(tapioca express and lollicup). all i have found here are delis and restaurants that serve some bubble/boba tea in my opinion not as good as the ones back home. i have only been here for a few months and haven't been everywhere. can anyone help me out?

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  1. There's a tea shop/bakery in Williston Plaza next to Marks Duck House. You can also get bubble tea in Annandale at many places. I usually get mine with dinner at A&J Tiawanese. A&J is off of 236 west and something or other....Hope that helps :)

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      I've seen the one next to Mark's, but never went in because it's a bolivian bakery that also serves bubble tea. A very weird/different concept. There are various bubble tea outlets in Eden Center, but most of them serve stuff from powders, not fresh juices or fruits.

      1. what you're looking for doesn't exist here. There are places that serve bubble tea, but there is nothing like tapioca express out here, but apparently lollicup is opening a store in annandale.

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          1. a lollicup in annandale!! that would be nice. i live in fairfax and go to GMU theres a starbucks close by where alot of students go But there menu is getting old unlike lollicup or tap express where you have over 170 diff drinks to choose from, snacks, sometimes music, and internet access like WiFi. thanks ill look into it and see when they open.

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              Hey :)

              If you want good bubble tea go to Shilla Bakery located on Little River Turnpike near Popeyes.

              They're bubble tea is really good because the consistency of their liquid is more like a smoothie/slushie.

              It's not the best place for studying but you should check it out, they have great bubble tea :)

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                I had good green tea, boba tea at Shilla, I'd rec.

            2. Ten Ren on Rockville Pike--in the same complex where Tower Records used to be.