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Jan 20, 2007 05:34 AM

Rosie's BBQ - Valencia, California

They just opened a Rosie's BBQ in Valencia, Town Center Drive, we tried it for lunch, the foood was horrible, almost inedible. The beef dip sandwich that I ordered was absolutely bad, the aujus was extremelly salty, I guess they didn't follow the instructions from the mix, and they didn't put enough water, since I don't think they really prepare their food from scratch. It was served with a side of cold mashed potatoes, and vegetables drenched in the same salty aujus.
Also the service, starting from the hostess, not a very nice girl, she ahd a face like if she didn't want to be there, and practically greeted us with a "YES!" when we walked in. Then most of the servers and staff were gathered around the bar and being very noisy instead of serving the customers. We didn't get our silverware and napkin until we asked for it, after our meal had arrrived.
I guess for a better bbq sandwich or meal is better to stick with Wood Ranch not too far from Rosie's, and at least the place has the bbq aroma, so you know they are really cooking.
Rosie's smelled like paint, like wood varnish, very uncomfortable aroma for a restaurant. We left, and left our food almost untouched, the food was not good to stay and tolerate the aroma around.
There are so many better places around where you can get better service, and better food.
Not Recommended. Mediocre food, mediocre service!

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  1. I used to go to a Rosie's on Olympic in WLA eons ago (now closed). Although I liked it as a high-school kid, I'm not at all surprised that another Rosie's got such a bad review. Looking back on it, it was probably a step down from Tony Roma's.

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      We tried the new Rosie's BBQ in Valencia also. It really was terrible. The young waitress was fine, butthe bbq beef ribs I ordered were blood red and the dull knife they supplied did ot work when I tried to scrape the meat away from the bone. Twice they bounced by asking how is everything? I showed her a bone and said it wasn't cooked enough and the met is supposed to fall away fromthe bone..She miled and said o the center of our table, ok, enjoy! After a wait of 35 minutes and a lousy meal, we also, like you, will return to WoodRanch for BBQ food.

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        The rosie's in valencia has no offiliation to the rosie's in WLA. The only other rosie's is in northridge. I thought the same thing... But this one is actually good food. The buffet isn't bad either.

        1. re: TIGGERZ

          We had a terrible meal at Rosie's! I ordered chicken that was so dry, I almost choked on it. Wood Ranch is not much better. Salads are the only safe bets. Santa Clarita, with a couple of exceptions is a culinary desert!

          1. re: Flour Child

            We went to Rosie's when it first opened and it was horrible. Food was good but service was terrible. We decided to trey it again last night, since it has been open awhile now. It was fantastic, I ordered the "special" which was Tri Tip and Those Fried Onions. AMAZING..service was great and the manager even came over to see if everything was good. I found out she was the GM and I was impressed she was checking with tables. It has really turned around since Feb when we first went.

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