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Jan 20, 2007 04:43 AM

More on Mambo's, San Rafael

I went there for a lunchtime take-out order, and noticed that the hours had changed. They're no longer serving lunch M-Th, but do serve 11-11 Fri-Sun. Also, I spoke to the owner, who said that she will be adding some vegetarian options to the menu (still cooked homestyle), AND they will serve traditional mofongo as a special order. She suggested calling ahead, as mofongo takes some time. I'm going to try this next time, and will report back.

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  1. Thanks. Looking forward to your report. Don't care what anyone else thinks. I really like this place.

    1. No lunches Monday-Thursday removes a lot of business, especially since they're next door to the very popular Sol Food that is open for lunches. I wonder what their plan is.

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        The owner told me that she had no free time at all with the old hours. I actually prefer to have the 3 days of all-day dining available, since they were pretty strict about their lunch closing time. We're often looking for a late lunch/early dinner spot, so I do hope they manage to stick around.

      2. Has service gotten better? Whe we went service was horrid; food good.

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          I'm not really sure if the service has improved, since I've been doing takeout. I will say that each time I've come in lately I've been greeted pleasantly, and the diners that were seated appeared to be taken care of. Overall, things just seemed to be moving a little better.

        2. And, in the interest of equal time for Mambo's, here's a photo of its exterior.

          I hope Las Camelias across the street paints itself a lurid violet.

          Sol Food post and photo -

          1. Since I did eat here, here's more.

            The infamous neon palm trees light orange or green. Here's the green one -

            As someone pointed out, the meu doesn't include the Cuban sandwich, but the kitchen will make one on request if it feels like it. Apparently this is also dependent on someone being available to run a couple doors down to the donut shop to buy a french roll. Takes a little time.

            The sandwich is enormous with the roast pork and ham cut into thick slices, big slabs of swiss cheese and a big roll.
            I must say this is the first time I've had Romaine lettuce on a Cuban. Overall impression was not salt, salt, salt, and not that great. The bread is grilled on the cut edge and not pressed. Too much meat, and the roast pork was just salty with little other seasoning or the craved garlic. Even when I drenched it with the mojo served with the tostones, the Cuban got boring awfully fast.

            What I did love though were the tostones, shown here -
            Much better than Sol Foods', liked the crisp edge and greater firmness to them, remarkably ungreasy. The mojo is delicious, made with vinegar and orange juice, plus garlic and other seasonings. No sour oranges, but very tasty nevertheless.