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Jan 20, 2007 04:27 AM

12 Meals / Snacks in April

Austin Hound in NYC this April with friends. Entire long weekend goal of sampling the most unique and/or very very best. On past trips we really loved:

City Bakery - what a great place.

WD-50 - liked the small space, risk with the menu and execution. Really good in spite of the hype.

Union Pacific (right before Rocco won F&W Best Chef and soon went hollywood on us)

Quilty's (yeah, I know its since long closed)but was great back in '97 or so.

Babbo, Gramercy Tavern,

Annisa (perfect small room, very professional yet warm service, fantastic food without any pretentiousness).

Billy's Bakery.

So...........looking for some true insider tips. Who's really doing spectacular things with food - above or below the radar screen??

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  1. Spectacular food? Definitely Chef Daniel Humm at Eleven Madison Park.

    At A Voce, Chef Andrew Carmellini (formerly at Cafe Boulud for many years) is serving delicious modern Italian cuisine. The only downside is the intolerably high noise level when the room is full.

    Gramercy Tavern's new executive chef is Michael Anthony, who previously cooked at Blue Hill. His new menu has just been introduced. Can't comment since I've not tried it.

    If you've never done so, be sure to check out the Shake Shack, in Madison Square Park. It's closed for the winter but will be open by the time you come here in April.

    1. Second Eleven Madison Park. Do not miss this one.

      I would also look into the delicious and authentic italian at L'impero. The polenta with mushrooms and, of all things, the goat, are amazing.

      There is a new Momofuku Ssam bar that has been getting all sorts of good press here, and they also have a noodle bar that is vibrant, different and worth a trip.

      Annissa is still wonderful and unpretentious, and a few dishes at Babbo are still amoung the best in the city.

      I'd also suggest a walk through/near St Mark's place for grazing.