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High end lunch in Vegas??

I'll have a single lunch, on a Thursday, on my own without my husband who could eat hotdogs the whole trip, in Vegas. Looking for recommendations.

First choice was Commander's but well, not anymore.

Right now, leaning towards the pricey cab ride to Rosemary's.

Looked at the Olives menu, just didn't see anything too impresive for the prices.

I'm looking for something on the Strip, and I'm from Chicago and we've got plenty of great ethnic places, so I'm really just looking for a nice, higher-end lunch and a decent glass of wine (or two). And no Mon Ami or Grand Lux, I can get those in my home city.

Any suggestions that I've missed?? (Man... more of the high-end places need lunch service....)

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  1. Mona Ami or Grand Lux aren't high end in my book. Delmonica's serves a pretty good lunch and it's definitely high end. I was impressed. You can do no wrong at Rosemary's, though.

    Thomas W.

    1. One place on the strip that may meet your needs is Emeril's at the MGM. They have a nice room, good food (esp the bbq shrimp) and a very nice by the glass wine list.

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        I should have mentioned.... Emeril's NO Fish House is kinda a "backup" at this point... I've done lunch there before, and been very very impressed with the food and ther services at my "hi, I just got off a four hour plane ride" appearance, but am looking for something new.

        (And I don't consider Mon Ami or Grand Lux high end... good places to eat but not high end... but was just trying to avoid people suggesting them!)

      2. I have had great breakfasts and dinners at Bouchon (Thomas Keller's French Bistro) at the Venetian, so they must be open for lunch.

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          As far as I know, Bouchon is only open for lunch on the weekends.

        2. How about Tableau at Wynn ? It is beautiful and food is good.

          1. Mesa Grill at Caesars has outstanding lunch!

            1. My vote is for Rosemary's, but not by cab. Get a cheap rent car for thea day. Visit Trader Joe's, stop by and see the new Red Rock Casino, hit some of the upscale shopping that is available out on the west side of town. You'll save money and have a great time.

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                Except for the obvious alcohol and driving problem, this is great advice. I you don't have a Trader Joe's in your area, it's absolutely worth the slight detour. And Red Rock is a very unusual neghborhood casino in that it's pretty stylish.

                Thomas W.

              2. weird - i thought i posted a response to this but it's not shown...oh well...take a look at my recent review of rosemary's....it has pictures...that might sway you towards making the cab ride or rental car....i mentioned in my ghost/black hole posting that you may want to try table 34 - i'm pretty sure they serve lunch since one of their primary customers is the harrah's corporate office which means...power lunch ! i plan on eating there next week and i will post pics - i ate there when it was wild sage - apparently same chefs are there - it was a gem when it was wild sage !

                1. btw - make sure to send hubby down to slots-of-fun for the mega dog...of course, if he eats the entire mega chili dog...you may need to hold his hand while he deals with some serious indigestion !!

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                    LOL... Slot-O-Fun and the hotdog is on the menu for Friday or Saturday, I think.

                    And he can take the hotdog.... he demolished an entire Ho Dog and was hungry about two hours later.