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Jan 20, 2007 03:38 AM

Paddington Area

This L.A. chowhound is teaching a course at St Mary's next to Paddington for ten days...are there any dining gems(or even halfway decent takeout)in the area within walking distance...this is due to lunch time restrictions...I will be taking the Tube elsewhere for dinner!

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  1. geez thats a tough area.

    here's one i saw in a web article - cheminee - an iranian restaurant. i hesitate to mention it because a) you're from la and doubtless have access to great iranian b) i haven't been

    but every iranian seems to be at least very good, so its a safe bet. and its right next door to you. the address is 17 Bouverie Place Paddington W2 1RD.

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      Yes, LA has good Persian food and my partner is from Iran and is a good cook as well...I am sooo lucky!!...Anyways, I will try it and report back...Thanks!

    2. The Frontline ,13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ Tel: (020) 7479 8960, is pretty good and for the area a real find especially for the well selected and affordable wine list.

      I usually go for dinner w/ a few of my journo friends and retire to the bar upstairs after a meal downstairs. They are open all day for breakfast and lunch as well.

      They have a pretty good website related to the journo club w/ a page for the restaurant.


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        I am putting it on my list to try...Thanks!

      2. We stayed in Paddington for a week in December--- Levantine has GREAT Lebanese, esp for lunch and good prices as well- there are a couple of good shwarma stands in the area also, and Pride of Paddington Pub has a great menu that is unlike the other pubs in the area.

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          Lebanese...a favorite of mine...I will try it and report back...if it is good I suspect I will be eating a number meals there!!

        2. In Sheldon Square, behind Paddington next to the canal, there's a Zizzi (for pizza/pasta), Yakitoria (Japanese - maybe not the cheapest option for lunch) and Pearl Liang (dim sum).

          1. Actually, I think you should do just fine. There are a lot of interesting choices within an easy walk. On the West side, there's the Royal China on Queensway--a favorite of many London chowhounds for excellent and affordable dimsum. On the corner of Westbourne Grove and Queensway there's a Spanish/greasy spoon cafe (I forget the name) which does good fried breakfasts and excellent thick hot chocolate. There's also Khan's on Westbourne Grove for very good Indian, and Fairuz and Al Waha (my preference) for Lebanese. That's as well as all of the choices on Edgware Road which you absolutely must explore. I live on the east coast now and miss the amazing variety of London's Lebanese food--nothing like it in LA either, I imagine. Ranoush juice has fabulous freshly squeezed fruit and veg drinks, Maroush is imo a good stand by (though some disagree), Fatoush is excellent, as is Levantine (rec above). Enjoy!!