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Burlingame for a week--dining recs?

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Staying at the aiport Marriott for a week for meetings at the hotel, will not have a car. Looking for good dinner recs (business casual)in area, easy cab ride from hotel. Thanks!

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  1. Mijana at 1101 Burlingame Ave. is pretty good for Middle Eastern cuisine. Probably 2-3 miles from your hotel.


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      I just called Mijana's phone number (650-340-9000, from their website) and got a "disconnected" message.

    2. Within easy cab distance are Millbrae, Broadway in Burlingame, Burlingame Avenue, and downtown San Mateo.

      Millbrae has excellent chinese, particularly dim sum, at the Kitchen, Fook Yuen, Zen Peninsula, and Hong Kong Flower Lounge, and good vietnamese at Petite Camille.

      Broadway has Juban (japanese grill at your table), Mivan (decent middle eastern), and Rocca (decent italian).

      Burlingame Ave has in addition to Mijana, Crepevine, Copenhagen, Mediterranean Kebab, and neaby Narin (thai) and Roti.

      Downtown San Mateo has tons of good places along the streets and avenues. Cappellini (italian), Jeffrey's (burgers), Happy Cafe (dim sum), Himawari (ramen), Santa (ramen), and Chef Wai (chinese).

      I'm sure there are many others. All of these are within a ten minute cab ride.

      1. the best breakfast near the airport is ninis on bayswater ave .teraki skirt steak and eggs with homefried potatoes.

        1. I second Crepevine and Jeffrey's, both are very casual. I haven't eaten at Cappellini in a long time but it's still a busy place. I'd add Steelhead Brewery (off Burlingame Ave on Lorton), Central Park Bistro om 4th Ave in San Mateo and Max's on Bayshore. Alot of people on the board don't like Max's but again, it's very busy. Central Park is the most upscale of the three.

          Friends like La Scala on Burlingame Ave and Kingfish on B Street (San Mateo) but I haven't eaten at either place. I have eaten once at Astaria (3rd Ave San Mateo), the food was very good but service fell apart at the end of the meal.

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            I'll third Crepevine. Good selection to choose from. There's also a pretty good noodle place off California called Ramen Club (on the way to Burlingame Ave). It opens at 11am, and is packed before 11:30 everyday. My brother took me there last time I was up. Probably even better Asian places listed below, but just another option.

          2. You've gotten some very good and not as good recommendations (I particularly second the Chinese choices in Milbrae. Try to get out during the day for dim sum at least once while you are here), but if you are going to be there for an entire week, there really isn't a need to limit yourself to Burlingame or locations near the airport, especially if you don't get to SF very often.

            The Millbrae BART station is a short cab away, or you can take the hotel airport shuttle, free at the Marriott I believe, to SFO (the airport), to the SFO BART station (Have the shuttle drop you at the International Terminal, the BART station is right there). Once on BART, you can be downtown SF in just under half an hour for just over $5; so possibilities are almost endless, starting with lots of choices in the Mission (24th or 16th Street BART stations), through Union Square (Powell Street BART Station); Chinatown (Powell Street or Montgomery Street exit); Embarcadero and the Ferry Bldg (Embarcadero station)...

            Some of the many places I'd consider well worth a BART ride (and that are close to BART stations) are Perbacco (pretty much in the don't-miss category for Italian and well worth the trip!); Lark Creek Steak (if you have an expense account or come in January and do the Dining About Town menu); The Ferry Building if you are here on Saturday morning; Range (about half way between 24th and 16th street BART station, the walk is fairly short but after dark might be a bit uncomfortable for some); Maverick (for fried chicken, 16th Street BART and again, not the greatest neighborhood after dark but right around the corner from the station); Great Eastern (Chinatown; though arguably you can get Cantonese seafood that is as good or better at some of the Burlingame and closer spots); Boulevard (upscale, but business casual dress, Embarcadero); Saha (Middle Eastern fusion; a doable walk from Union Square); Myth (a bit of a walk from Montgomery Street, but doable); Piperade (again, a bit of a walk from Embarcadero, but not bad); Canteen (Powell St Station); Hog Island Oyster Bar (Embarcadero, in the Ferry Building)...and I could go on and on....

            You might want to check out the Downtown SF, Union Square and Mission posts for some ideas. If I were going to be there a week, I'd want to get into the City proper to explore a bit.


            1. If it's the hotel I'm thinking of, you'll actually be closer to Millbrae's "Miracle Mile" (as I would call it) of Chinese restaurants, than to any worthwhile Burlingame restaurant. You could easily hoof it to Hong Kong Flower Lounge which is probably less than a mile from the Mariott, and Fook Yuen, the Kitchen, etc. are not much further.

              1. Definitely hit El Camino in Millbrae for Chinese. I didn't think The Kitchen was any good but HK Flower Lounge is a bit nicer for dinner and Fook Yuen is reliable. Petite Camille is not that great. If you are in the mood for Japanese, Sushi Kei on Broadway in Millbrae is very good, authentic, not just for sushi but also for little plates (closed on Sundays). You can get both sushi & sashimi with a few of the little plates.

                1. Izzy's Chops if you want a good man-type business restaurant with steak and alcohol.

                  1. Forgot to mention Tres Amigos and Pancho Villa, two good taquerias on B Street in San Mateo.

                    1. La Pinata on B street in San Mateo has good pupusas and tacos, but closes early (maybe 6ish?)

                      1. It's pretty casual, but we like Thai Stick in Millbrae on El Camino. It's also open late: until 1:00 am. Not much is open late in this area.
                        Their BBQ chicken is great. Not a huge amount of meat, but huge taste.

                        1. Here are my choices for Burlingame...
                          -Steelhead Brewery
                          (All are downtown Burlingame)
                          (Next to freeway)

                          1. Thanks for the great suggestions! Has anyone tried Nectar?

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                              My boss went to Nectar recently and said it was one of the worst dining experiences he ever had -- the food was almost too salty to eat and the service was terrible.
                              I know that's hearsay, but I thought you'd like to hear....

                            2. Nectar is very good for wine, but less than one month old, so it still is a little slow. If you don't go on Fri or Sat night when overpacked (new kid in town syndrome) it could be really fun. If you like wine, definately go.

                              1. for sushi, sakae sushi is great. www.sakaesushi.com

                                1. Broadway Prime in Burlingame on Broadway, about a 20 to 30 min walk from the hotel, get a phone number of a cab co for return. Broadway Prime has a website http://www.broadwayprime.com/

                                  1. Thanks for the great suggestions! We really liked Nectar. I had the "Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles" flight, and my friend had the "Anything but Chardonnay" flight. We split some small plates, including the cheese plate, the boudin with roasted beets, and artichoke pizza. The rest of the group wanted to go to Kuletos, and we wound up going there twice. I enjoyed my pork chop, but it was served on lentils that were too salty. The next visit I had wonderful sea bass on risotto. I got dragged to Gullivers (ugh) one night, and joined a group in the hotel for soup and salad the night I arrived. I found a great Thai place for lunch in Burlingame---I think it was called Coconut something. There was also a good place to get hand-made chocolates for a gift---I think it was called Aria. Other colleagues went to Pisces, but I have not had the chance to ask for their review. Thanks again!

                                    1. Went to Broadway Prime last night and it was really good. Worth the $36 for the Broadway cut which is a full 1 lb of meat. Price comes with a choice of potato and vegetable as well as a house salad. Great for a family dinner or semi-special occasion