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Jazz Club with 2 teens

Hi there,

We are coming out in June and I thought a Jazz Club for dinner would be a nice thing to do. Wife and I traveling with two teens and staying on the UWS, but can subway it anywhere. What place would you recommend?



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  1. Gotta say Jazz Standard--the jazz club on 27th between Park and Lexington that serves food from Blue Smoke, the bbq restaurant located above it. You'll want to see who's playing, though.

    1. will second jazz standard -- the vibe is good, the booking right up there with the better spots in town and the blue smoke chow about the best you can get at a club in the city.iridium, a downstairs spot near times square (b'way and 51st, i believe) ranks a close second.

      i'd advise staying away from the blue note -- which gets some good bookings, but really wedges people in at the expense of comfort.and while the village vanguard is, without a doubt, the best "pure" jazz club in town, there's a certain seriousness about it -- which i love, especially when larraine, the owner, goes around personally shushing yakking patrons -- that might not be ideal for teens.

      1. Cleopatra's Needle, Broadway b/w 92nd & 93rd. No cover, it's not pretentious. The music is pretty good, for what it is. Not usually big names, but a fun place. Lots of jam sessions. I love the vegetarian moussaka.

        1. I would agree with Jazz Standard!

          1. I agree with Jazz Standard, or maybe Smoke on 106th. I believe you have to be 21 to get into the Vanguard, as they don't serve food.

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              The Vanguard has no age restrictions...

            2. Don't overlook Iridium - not sure what the menu looks like though.

              1. Another vote for Jazz Standard. It's my favorite jazz club in the city. Great staff, good Blue Smoke bbq, good layout, good booking policy. I don't like the vibe Iridium at all. Food at Iridium's ok, but overpriced. Birdland has a nice layout and OK food, also great staff.

                Without a doubt Jazz Standard would be the best with teens. They have sets at 7:30 & 9:30. Avoid the Blue Note like the plague.


                1. I'm not sure if they still do it, but Jazz Standard also has a Sunday jazz brunch for kids. If they are younger teens this may be a good bet.

                  1. Blue Water Grill would be my second choice.......first choice Jazz Standard

                    1. If you're staying on the upper west and prefer a night close to home, the Dizzy's Club part of Jazz at Lincoln Center is great (located in the Time Warner center on 59th). They have a full southern dinner menu, and the band plays in front of a window wall that overlooks the park -- at night you can see the bldg lights along the park twinkling. Tix prices are about equal to, or slightly more than, JS. Maybe it's a little sanitized as it's pretty new and, let's face it, inside a mall, but I've always had a lovely evening there and never been disappointed with the music. I live on the upper west and for me it's great having this in the area!