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Jan 20, 2007 02:50 AM

Lunch Near Griffith Observatory

Taking my SO out for his birthday tomorrow. Our first stop is to the Griffith Observatory. Our next stop is the Bordeaux tasting at Wally's Wine in Westwood.

Since I just found out they won't let us bring food to the Observatory my picnic lunch plans are ruined.

Any suggestions of a cute lunch place near or in between the Observatory and Wally's?

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  1. Vermont on Vermont, they have wonderful lunch specials too

    1. The Restaurant At the End of the Universe is little more than a glorified Subway, but the Caesar Wrap and the soups (Tortilla especially) are definitely worth the $10 or so the combination costs. Sandwiches are well worth it and the locale convenience can't be beat. If you are bent on leaving the place, Thai Town on nearby Hollywood Bl W. of Vermont is probably the best bet. See innumerable posts on Thai Town.

      1. The Trail cafe in Griffith Park, just inside the park from the entrance closer to Western, is one of my favorite places in the city. It's small, but they make everything themselves. It's creative, super fresh, and tasty. Plus it's still like a picnic!

        1. Fred 62 at 1850 N. Vermont Ave. in Los Feliz is a diner with a hipster edge that serves surprisingly good food at excellent prices for the area.

          1. You didn't say how you're getting to the Observatory. If you're taking one of those buses up there (is that still the only way they'll let you up?), that will help determine where you eat -- Hollywood & Highland, for instance.

            So how ARE you getting there?

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              Park on the street (Vermont)near the Greek Theater and walk up. It's about 15 minutes uphill, not that strenuous, and very scenic. And free.