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Jan 20, 2007 02:48 AM

Interesting things to do with ground pork?

I bought a pound of ground pork to make biscuits and gravy, but realised when I got it home that I don't have a clue how to make either! What else can I use the ground pork for that's interesting and not horribly greasy?

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    1. re: personalcheffie

      I second personalcheffie's motion. I've made chorizo after grinding the pork with an old-fashoned hand meat grinder. Form the seasoned ground pork into patties instead of stuffing a casing.

      Look for recipes on Google.

    2. pork pie? Is that your thing? I've had a couple recently made by different people but this one girl at work made one that was phenominal - she gave me the ingrediants. I would like to make it but actually roll it up in filo dough instead of in a pie crust (I like to play with recipes to change them). I don't have exact amounts, if it's your thing I'll give you the ingredients (particularly if you like to play with recipes too).

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      1. re: lexpatti

        I am assuming that Pork Pie is the same as the French Canadian Tortiere. This is a favourite here.

        1. re: BJE

          I had to google that and Yes! that's what it is but of all that we tried - this one stood out. I've now looked at some recipes on line and know why. She adds: clove, all spice, cinnamon, garlic, potatoes.

          I've just discovered this, maybe because the others I tried weren't all that tasty but her's was fabulous and moist - many I've tried were too dry (she said she cooks the pork til almost done but not done since it's going to finish in the oven).

      2. many asian dumplings are made with pork.

        can use it (or blend it with ground beef and/or veal) for a homemade bolognese.

        greek /mediteranean dishes.

        edit: the idea of pork pie is pretty good. can really use any ingredients to give you the flavors you like.



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        1. re: alpine chef

          exactly! ground pork always conjurs chinese dumplings for me.

        2. Ma Po Tofu, a Sichuan dish - delicious

          Here's the first Google hit but lots of recipes online:

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          1. re: Pincho

            Yes, yes, make MaPo, it's really great! Mabziegurl posted a tremendous recipe for it on this board a few months ago and I'm hooked on it now!

            1. re: Val

              Another vote for Ma Po Tofu. I made a recipe from "A Spoonful of Ginger" this week - loved it. Great depth of flavour, very warm and satisfying - a perfect recipe for a winter's night. If you'd like the recipe, I'd be happy to post it.

              1. re: Val

                Looks very good -- Mabziegurl.

                Here it is, if anyone couldn't find it:

            2. Sometimes I mix ground pork with a bit of tofu (soft or even firm ones will do), add some seasoning, then shape them up into patties, and fry them up. It's really delicious, and it's a good way to sneak in tofu without really tasting it. But make sure you don't add too much tofu, otherwise, the meat patties will not hold the shape.