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Jan 20, 2007 02:33 AM

Romantic dinner for vegetarians

A friend of ours is looking for a romantic place to take a partner for a birthday meal. Both are vegetarian. What would people recommend? Something not hugely expensive, but someplace nice...

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  1. There are lots of good places that will satisfy the needs of your vegetarian friend, especially if s/he is willing to go to a restaurant that also serves non-veg food.

    Indian is one of my favourite options, and Dhaba (King West at John, second floor) is one of my favourite places for it.

    We've had excellent vegetarian tasting menus at Lee's (also on King West), Kultura (King Street East) and - recently - at Lei Wah Heen. In each case, I'd recommend calling ahead and asking what the vegetarian options are.

    Any of these locations should meet the romance test. We've gone to all three for special occasions - birthdays, anniversaries and the like - and had good experiences.

    I'd also suggest Mildred Pierce, on Tecumseth. A little trickier to do veg there, especially if fish/seafood is not an option. But it's definitely worth a call.

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          Most definitely indeed. I took my gf there last Valentine's Day and it was perfect.

        2. Mildred Pierce is a great suggestion. My husband and I (both vegetarians) had a lovely romantic dinner there recently. Also, they always have other vegetarian options available if you ask the server. However, i have to say, as a vegetarian, most places in Toronto will be fine. The only places we usually call ahead to are French places, and tapas. Other than that, unless you are going to a steak or seafood restaurant, vegetarians are usually fine. Rosebud, Wish, Niagara Street Cafe, Tutti Matti- are some of our faves for a nice setting and great veggie friendly food.
          helpful comment about the banana's and carrots...

          1. I'm not vegetarian myself, but I find it terrible that someone would be so nasty as to say what they did, bananas etc. Luckily, my veg friend doesnt read the board herself else she would (a) feel very hurt and (b) have a really low opinion of chowhounds. Anyway, that was just one comment, and I hope the prompt removal means it will not be repeated.

            Thanks to the others for their helpful suggestions. I relayed them to our friend, and she was delighted, will keep them in mind for future occasions - apparently she already called Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar and they were eager to rise to the challenge of a vegan/veg special meal. All power to them. Will post again when I hear what it was like.

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              There are some great veg caterers in the city that can do private in-home dinners for two or more which can be very romantic. A friend of mine did this for her fiance a couple years ago, I forget the name of the caterer, but she said it was absolutely amazing.