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Jan 20, 2007 02:25 AM

pho pasteur in chinatown, exact location?

Does anyone know of the exact address to Pho Pasteur in Chinatown? Or is there none there?

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  1. Corner of Beach Street and Washington Street, I believe. They were still there in October when I last ate there. Good luck. There are a number of pho places along Washington Street, walking out toward Stuart Street, if PP is a wipeout.

    1. It's still there and it's still the best pho in Boston proper.

      1. I had a really disappointing experience at this place the other week. I'm no pho expert, so perhaps I'm just mistaken on how it's served, but somehow I don't think so. I had gotten a bowl w/ beef and the beef consisted of what looked and tasted like cold cut roast beef (like you'd go to a deli counter at Shaws or something and order), 1/2 of it unheated & red, other parts almost burned to a crisp and then other parts just plain dry and gray looking. I could not bring myself to eat it after 1 bite.

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          A typical bowl of pho consists of beef (in better places, rib-eye) that is thinly sliced and placed raw into the hot soup. I like to order this on the side so it doesn't get overcooked before I eat it. By "burned" do you mean it sat in the soup too long? Ask to have it on the side.

          The other beef in the soup is brisket (slowly cooked for a long time), tripe, and gelatinous blocks of slow-cooked tendon.

        2. By burned I mean it looked like it was put into a fry pan and just sat there and part of it was all rare (which is fine) but other parts were burned or dry and grey looking. It was not appetizing at all. It tasted like cold cut roast beef too not ribeye.

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            Your description is rather weird. Rib is the proper cut for a good roast beef, and the raw beef (bo tai) in pho should be thinly sliced, like a cold cut. So I'm not really sure what you're getting at.

          2. Plus, it wasn't sliced, it was a gob of cold cut roast beef rare, then parts gray and burned just thrown in the bowl.