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Jan 20, 2007 02:12 AM

Sunday brunch on Haight?

I made arrangements to meet a friend at Memphis Minnie's for brunch, then discovered they have stopped serving brunch fare. Anything good nearby (Haight and Steiner)? Good eggs and porky items a must.

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  1. Try the Pork Store Cafe on Ashbury @ Masonic. They have many meaty options, some include gravy, and the prices are reasonable.

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    1. re: goatcheesey

      On Haight between Ashbury and Masonic (Ashbury and Masonic are parallel).

      Ton of food for the cost!

      1. re: nsheth

        Magnolia is MUCH better than Pork Store, and you most likely won't have to wait (the lines outside Pork Store continue to mystify me).

        1. re: Maya

          I had a really great brunch at Magnolia this past weekend. I had the hash, which wasn't corned beef, but made with fennel sausage. It was GREAT, but very filling. Took most of it home. My dining companion ordered the salmon benedict, but the salmon was being replaced with crawfish. He seemed to like it quite a bit, and the bite I had was quite tasty, and the crawfish rather spicy. Plus, their potatoes are great. I feel like the potatoes at most breakfast places in town are an abomination, but these were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Also, they have fancy mustard.
          I was really happy with everything about brunch.

    2. Zazie- on Cole really Cole Valley my hood. This place seems popular I have only had dinner there on pooch night.
      Kate's Kitchen- Lower Haight
      The Metro Hotel on Divisadero has a cafe that serves a very nice brunch

      There is always the Pork Store is you don't mind lines

      1. No. I live at Haight & Steiner. In the Lower Haight, you can get breakfast at Katz (bagels), Squat & Gobble (decent basic eggs & potatoes) or Kate's (pancakes and such).

        But none of them are travel-worthy. In fact, Kate's is one of my benchmark restaurants - if someone tells me they love Kate's, I know to question them and their food recommendations.

        The best substitute in the city for Memphis Minnie's Southern Brunch is Farmer Brown but that's around 5th & Market (?).

        If you want a really good breakfast close to the Lower Haight, you're going to have to go to the Divis Corridor, the Upper Haight or head over to Market & Church. Sorry, but thems the facts.

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        1. re: larochelle

          Just curious, what do you like at Market & Church for breakfast? I've been lukewarm about Home's brunch, aside from the Bloody Mary bar.

          1. re: Frosty Melon

            Sorry, I only meant it in a general way - I have friends that like both Home & Chow but really the best brunch I've had on the Market corridor is at 2223 which is a couple blocks up.

          2. re: larochelle

            Have you had any experience of "The Grind" on Haight?
            I walked by the other day and was surprised at how pleasant looking it was ...
            AND they have "Chicken Fried Steak"!!! with Country Gravy.....opinion???

            1. re: ChowFun_derek

              You know, the last time I noticed their breakfast menu, it looked the same as Squat & Gobble. But now with your CFS tip, I'll have to check it out! Not tomorrow, alas, since I'll be pigging out at Oliveto's celebration for lunch.

          3. Kate's Kitchen is alright if there isn't too much of a wait. The past few times Sebby & I have walked down there we wound up wishing we'd gone to the Pork Store, though.

            Zazie has very good breakfasts, but usually also has very long lines on the weekend. Nice varied menu, great poached eggs, coffee, and a nice back patio w/heat lamps if it's dry.

            My go-to b'fast in the area is the Pork Store - lines aren't usually too bad if you get there before 10. Their CFS is weird, and I don't much care for their sausage gravy, but the basics are solid and I like the bustling greasy spoon atmosphere. The pork sausage patty is probably my fav., along w/"Eggs in a Tasty Nest" (eggs atop a pile of hash browns & veggies).

            I have enjoyed the 4 breakfasts I've had at Magnolia, but have had poor brunch service twice. To their credit, they did comp us a dish on one of those visits, but the other was inexplicably slooowwwww. Their corned beef hash was very good, ditto the benedict.

            I've only been to the Metro Hotel once for brunch and we found it a little odd, service-wise. The food was good, though, if a bit expensive. Been meaning to go back since our first visit was quite some time ago.

            All You Knead is a last resort - there's a reason they rarely have a line (apart from them being much, much larger than the Pork Store). I can't stand their potatoes, but you can sub fresh fruit, and their benedicts are okay.

            1. Magnolia is on the corner of Haight and Masonic. We go there quite a bit for brunch. Much better than the other options on Haight (upper or lower) IMO.