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Jan 20, 2007 02:04 AM

Your Favorite Korean places in SF?

I have been to Um Ma Son and New Korea House. I have such a craving. Thanks

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  1. I really like Han Il Kwan on Balboa near 19th Avenue. Excellent Korean BBQ and friendly service. Beware because on some days (haven't gotten the schedule down) they cater bus loads of tourists in their back room and main dining room!

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      1. re: Gary Soup

        As in tourists from Korea. They prefer to eat Korean food when travelling. I know, bizarre.

    1. Seoul Garden. Great food, and love the wood interior.

      1. Thank you both I will look forward to trying both of these places.

        1. Two others to consider are Shin Toe Bul Yi, at 30th Ave & Taraval, and Dong Baek, on O'Farrell near Leavenworth.

          Sahn Maru in Oakland is better than them both, however. From SF it's just a few blocks from MacArthur BART.

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            I loved Sahn Maru when I was there last. Thanks for the other.

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              It was a sad day for the San Franciscans when Sahn Maru decamped from the City and moved to Oakland. That area on Telegraph Ave. in Oakland by the MacArthur BART station has several Korean restaurants that whip anything in SF.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                you are right that area has some of the best. I just don't get over there much anymore, maybe a BART ride is called for.

                1. re: Lori SF

                  If you have the time, it's worth it. I was kinda concerned that the SF restaurants might not scratch the itch for you.

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                I like Shin Toe Bul Yi for Korean home-cooking, and Seoul Garden for out of town guests or people new to Korean food. Had a bad experience at Korea House, although they showered us with panchan because our soup was so disappointing. Brothers is where my Korean friends eat when no one wants to cook. I work downtown, so if I want a quick lunch fix I go to Sarabol at the Westfield Center (remember to order a "salad plate.") I also love the hot pot at My Tofu House on Geary. I live in the Inner Sunset, though, so I probably go to Art's Cafe on 9th and Irving the most: the owners are Korean and while perhaps it's not a "Korean restaurant" you can get bulgogi or bibimbap with a side of kimchi alongside your pancakes and bacon!

                1. re: david kaplan

                  this reminds me of something i feel rather ashamed of. i have been trying to go to sahn maru to try their goat stew forever. one of my best friends and i decided we'd treat each other to the meal of our choice for our birthdays this past year. we made a pact. she wants to go to zuni, i want to go to sahn maru. our birthdays were in late summer, and we still haven't managed to go. so lazy! awful.

                  i never once encountered goat in korea, where i went to high school, so i'm really intrigued. plus, i know they use korean perilla leaves in it, almost like an herb. i've only had them raw to wrap grilled meats or as a sort of kimchi. this thread makes me feel ashamed and i'm determined to make the ridiculously easy trip to the east bay with her to try this thing out. i'm always complaining that i've never found a go-to korean spot in the city, and i've been more industrious about looking for other kinds of food, although korean food is closest to my heart (or stomach). while being without a car restricts my movement in the greater bay area, oakland is so easy to get to. i'm going to make this a priority. hopefully i'll be back to post about my oakland korean explorations before my next birthday!

                  1. re: augustiner

                    At Sahn Maru I believe you need to order the black goat stew for two in order to get the full treatment.

                2. I'm a fan of Brothers on Geary, near 6th across from Kaiser. Very authentic.

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                    I think I have been to Brothers and it was very authentic.