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Jan 20, 2007 02:00 AM

Question regarding RW:

1 I've made reservations at several restaurants during RW for my girlfriend and I:

1- What if only one of us wants to order from the RW menu and the other a la carte? Can we do this?

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  1. they'll be happy to let you order full price items off the menu, at most places. They don't eliminate the regular menu, they just also offer the special menu.

    1. the regular menu is usually available together with the special RW menu in most restaurants. though there are some like gramercy tavern for example that sometimes just offers a RW lunch menu but with like 6 selections vs. the normal 2 to 4 in other places.

      1. At Devi, there is no a la carte lunch menu. It's the same all year long, including Restaurant Weeks -- a 3-course prix-fixe for $24.07 + a few sides for an additional charge. The selections on the prix-fixe are taken directly from the regular dinner menu.

        1. Years ago when I did Tabla, forgetting it was RW, took clients out for a special celebration. They only offered the RW menu but it had lots of options. Only thing is we looked kind of cheap to our clients. Not sure these days about options.