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Jan 20, 2007 01:44 AM

Best True Upscale Northern Italian?

Any Rec's?

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  1. San Domenico. Chef Odette Fadda is the best italian chef in NY. It's regional, not an italian -american variation.

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    1. re: coltrane

      I have never been to San Domenico, but it's at the top of my list for upscale Italian. Apparently, it's one of the few places in town, maybe even the only, that serves agnolotti.

      Here's a link to the article that has me dying to go:

    2. Teodora, they serve food primarily from the Emilia-Romagna section of Northern Italy. They also have 2 sister restaurants, Celeste on the UWS and Bianca downtown.

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        I agree. Teodora's is great. The roasted veal and mushroom dish is so slowly cooked, it melts in your mouth. I have to also say that 'Osteria del Circo' is a winner. True tuscan dishes like a fabulous fish stew called Caccuco and great homemade pastas like pici and gnudi. These are all family run places, no cookie cutter corporate ventures.