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Jan 20, 2007 01:33 AM

Indian in Nassau county

I really have two questions here. And I might ramble a bit.

Earlier this week I was on Hillside Ave. in New Hyde Park and spotted Madras Woodlands. Years ago, there was a place in Manhattan, in the east 40's that went by this name. They were, I believe, one of the first places to serve south Indian in the city. But that was many moons ago. Is this a re-incarnation of that place? Can anyone shed some light?

Secondly, what's up with the Indian places in nassau? They uniformly disappoint. Dosa Hut, in Hicksville is fine as far as it goes. But truth be known, we would like some kind of non-veggie dishes with our meal. Elsewhere, we've given up ordering things like Rogan Gosh...the meat is inevitably inedible. Santoor is okay...but many of the other places in Hicksville come and go with alrming regularity...I will admit not going to Kiran Palace in the Delco center and the place that used to be Wily Cayote on B'way in some time but that's b/c when we did, back when, we were so disappointed. We have not tried the new-ish place on Old Country Road, down the block from Jai-Lai (sp?) the Thai place. Has anyone ?

I would recommend a small place in East Meadow. It's a combo, eat-in (just a couple of very non-descript tables, take-out, steam table, grocery, Halal butcher shop. It's called Spice and Curry and is directly across from the Nassau Medical center. As I said it's basically a steam table with samosas, and kababs to be re-heated. I have only taken out as I live in the area. Also be advised that it only serves that same few choices every day. They are yellow lentals, chick pea stew, green peas with potatoes, a meat (usu. goat or lamb and often with lots of bones) and /or chicken curry made with legs and thighs only, and saag. I must tell you that all of this food is SPICY AND HOT. All the dishes ar loaded with dried chili peppers. When I eat it at home, I sweat thru-out the meal. And I love it.
So... I hope to hear from other hounds who perhaps have discovered some places worth trying . Thanks for listening

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  1. Have you tried Punjabi Tandoor in Hicksville? I usually prefer Indian vegetarian dishes so I can't tell you about their meat selections, but nearly everything I've had there is really good.

    Unfortunately their website ( doesn't have the full menu posted but I suggest you give them a try.

    1. Madras Woodlands is great. I believe they used to have a place in the city. Be sure to try the Madras Coffee after your meal. Also, recommended Masala Vadai, Dhal Fry and Onion Chili Rava Masala Dosa. The lunch buffet is a good deal and all the food is extremely fresh.

      Check out Punjabi Kabab house on 107 in Hicksville (old Mr. Sausage location). It's my current Hicksville Indian of choice. Kebabs are always great. Other dishes are good to great based on who's cooking.

      1. The original comment has been removed