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Jan 20, 2007 01:23 AM

Need CHEAP place near Wilshire and La Brea

Where can I meet a friend for a few drinks and a bite to eat tonight that won't cost more than 20 bucks each. Is there a good place for pizza and a carafe of wine, or some hidden Mexican gem? I'm coming from Melrose & Highland and he's coming from Wilshire & San Vicente, so ideally anywhere in between would be perfect. Want some place relatively quiet to talk too. Please help the financially challenged!

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  1. maybe some limited ordering at luna park? labrea and wilshire.

    other than that, there's larchmont pizzeria over at larchmont that will get you a decent pie and wine/beer for about 20 quid a head.

    1. Food AND drinks for only $20 each? Let's see....Cube on La Brea and Melrose is BYOB, which keeps it cheap. There's the Farmer Market to mix and match cuisines inexpensively. And I'm a big fan of Damiano's Pizza on Fairfax near Beverly.

      1. For the future...

        I second the Farmer's Market for a cheap eve. You can get a pitcher of Fat Tire at the 326 bar (in the middle) and go to town with the rest of the place. The Gumbo Pot is my personal fave for cheap eats in the FM, esp their red beans & rice.

        Love that Brazilian buffet/grill, too.

        1. If you're in the mood for pretty good burgers and a fun atmosphere for just drinking and hanging out, how about Tom Bergin's on Fairfax just south of Wilshire.

          1. Maybe a little late to be useful to the original poster, but...

            What about Sake House on 8th and La Brea? It's a small Japanese beer & snack type joint, with a great low-key atmosphere. I think it's a perfect place for a few friends to unwind over a pitcher and some yakitori. Easily within $20/person if you're not starving.