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Jan 20, 2007 12:48 AM

Good Barbecue in York, PA

Had some great barbecue at Smokey Joes 2323 Carlyle, York, PA. There was a special and I got a whole rack for about $12. The wife had chicken, and both were excellent, as well as the slaw, beans and broccoli salad.

At the end of the meal, the owner brought over some complimentary deep fried apple batter sticks.

Some people came in that were waiting to get into Smokey Bones at the other end of town.

Good eats.


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  1. Smoky Joe's is good indeed. The ambiance is Classic 70s Pizza Joint, but the ribs, the brisket, and the pulled pork are all terrific. Incidentally, that rib "special" has been running every time I've been there, so it's a good deal, too.

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      We went back to Smokey Joe's last night, and while the ribs were still good, the place was absolutely filthy. I think my wife would have insisted on leaving had we not already ordered and paid for our food. Very disappointing. We won't be going back.

    2. In Jacobus, about 10 minutes south of York, there is a small caterer/bakery (Seitz?) who does pig roasts and takes orders for pulled pork BBQ to go. It is the best pulled pork I've had, north of the Mason-Dixon line! It comes with a thin vinegary BBQ sauce on the side.

      I don't know of a website, but you can call them at 717-428-3045.

      1. Thanks for the heads-up! After living in KC, MO for many years, I am desperate for BBQ!
        I love the ones voted "Best Philly BBQ", etc.... I guess they voted for themselves.

        Unless you roast a whole pig, it is hard to smoke pork, I think.
        I have used various smokers, with my favorite meats (and fish) for years, but even though it is usually better than the local "BBQ's," it can't compare with smoking the whole pig.
        (Unless you have a large amount of meat, it is hard to keep the temps low enough not to make the wood impart a bitter taste....)

        Thanks to everyone that posts about where to go for BBQ!!
        We live between Reading and Pottstown, but I will drive to York for BBQ!!!!
        (Enjoyable ride, too!)

        1. We got there today. It was worth the long drive.

          I ate grouper there (really tender and juicy with a light cornmeal/flour batter) today. My wife had the pulled pork, which I sampled. I don't think it could have been much better, tender and not pre-sauced. The beans were great, as mentioned above.
          We took a rack of ribs home for another day. Joe was very friendly and fun, too.
          (Thanks again for the recommendation!)

          Of course, the place is an hour and a half from home, but I have to go to York in a week....

          Here is the website info:

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