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Jan 20, 2007 12:43 AM

best happy hour

all right seattlites... lets here where you can get the best in booze and cheap eats after work

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  1. McCormicks on Lake Union used to have a great happy hour with burgers, quesadillas, fish tacos for $2-$4 each. It's been a while though, and it may be a better happy hour in the summer when the patio is open!

    1. The bar at Brasa has half-price food, I think from 5 to 7, if you buy a drink (beer, cocktail, soda, whatever). Great deal for their food.

      My favorite place was always Garage for cheap beer and a giant mound of great fries (I don't think the food has happy hour prices).

      If you do a Google search, there are tons of lists compiled by private people as well as Seattle Weekly, etc.