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Jan 19, 2007 11:43 PM

Great dive near Williams College?

I am taking my son to visit Williams College in late March and we love great dives (we're from LA and love the Mexican and burger joints out here). What's not to be missed near Williams College?

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  1. Williamstown, "The Village Beautiful", has nothing that could be even remotely classified as a "dive". The Purple Pub on Bank St. is a local hangout for students and, some, locals and does a decent burger.

    Further afield (@15 miles due south), in Lanesboro, would be Hut's Pub, Matt Reilly's Pub & my pick of the three; The Old Forge Restaurant. The Forge has over two hundreds beers either on draught or in bottle. They do great burgers and much more. The down-side is they don't open until 4 or 5pm. There's nothing wrong with the other two pubs. They both do decent pubgrub, I just like The Forge better.

    In North Adams, just east of Williamstown, is the Key West Lounge that is very popular with the locals and if you called it a dive they wouldn't mind.

    Here's a link for finer dining in the area from "Professor Chow" delineating that scene, just in case;

    I hope this helps and as an aside; Williams has it all over Georgetown :-)

      1. Check out the Blue Benn Diner in Bennington, VT, about 25 minutes north of Williams.

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          +1 on the Blue Benn. The SO went to Williams and knows from dives, being from NYC as she is. (She also wanted to +1 Williams college, as long as your son isn't thinking he's going to be much of a Chowhound there.)

          1. re: tripster

            Well I don't know how much of a CH any freshman male is by proclivity at any college, even Williams. Between Williamstown, Bennington & Manchester,Vt. and the Central to South Berkshires there's plenty of Chow Hounding to be done. We're not talking a large scale area to cover here.

            We own a cabin, just over the state line in Vt, and many times we've been in Vt., N.Y., Ct, & Ma. all in the same day. We'll have lunch in NW Ct, and dinner in one of the others routinely. A car, or access to one, is important but that would be true in any event. It's just a fact of life, taken for granted, today.