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Best dive near Georgetown University

I will be taking my son to visit Georgetown in late March. We're from LA and love the Mexican and burger dives here. What's not to be missed in the Georgetown area?

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  1. All in Georgetown:

    Amma's Vegetarian Kitchen for unchallenging but very tasty Indian. Small menu keeps them focused. Very cheap.

    The Atomica Pizza at Pizzeria Paradiso. This could blow you away.

    Five Guys (now a regional chain) for burgers.

    Garrett's for the NC style chopped pork sandwich.

    Moby Dick (a local chain) for Persian kabobs

    For Mexican, you'll have to cross the bridge into Virginia and find Taqueria El Charrito Caminante for the tacos de cabrito and chorizo.

    1. It's at the other end of the strip from Georgetown (at 28th and M, about 10 blocks away), but George's King of Falafel is a great dive, open late. Greasy falafel and shawarma, a great chaser to a few beers once he turns 21!

      1. Not a "dive," but a quintessential haunt for Georgetown students is The Tombs. It's only a couple blocks from the campus. Good place for lunch after you've done the tour.

        1. You have to go to Wisemillers Deli for lunch and get a Chicken Madness sandwich! It's just a block off the campus at 1236 36th St. NW.

          Vital preparation for your son, should he ultimately attend GU.

          1. If you're looking for local student haunts, Wisemillers (shortened around here to "Wizey's) and The Tombs are favorites. I would also highly suggest Amma's Vegetarian Kitchen and Fast Fettoosh on M Street between 33rd and 32nd street as great, cheap ethnic eating (and indicative of the international flavors you'll find here). Rhino's bar is another popular spot with some upper classmen and locals, selling your usual bar food with plenty of tvs to watch the big games. Pizza Paradisio, while good, is certainly not a dive; it sells artisinal single serving pizza that is more expensive than the ubiquitous dominos/delivery but a hell of a lot tastier too (and they cater to vegans like me :) ). The other popular places are mostly chinese delivery, hunan peking on Wisconsin and Bangkok Bistro being the most popular, but you might also want to check out Harmony Cafe on M street for a huge selection of vegetarian/vegan mock meat (and all your typical fish/duck/chicken/beef entrees as well). Hope you enjoy Georgetown; I certainly am.

            1. I don't know exactly where it is, nor can I vouch for quality, but there is a place down there called Quick Pita that is a staple of my friends who spend weekend evenings in georgetown.

              1. Quick Pita is up 33rd street (or possibly 32nd) between M St and Prospect. They are pretty good all around mediterranean for cheap and a favorite for delivery on campus.

                1. Thanks gang. Looks like there is great support for Wizey's! Your input is very much appreciated! I am going to pass on Pizzeria Paradiso because we will also be hitting New Haven and nothing compares to Sally's.

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                    Wisemiller's is a market/carryout with a sub shop in it. No sit down. They use below average bread. I've had the recommended subs, but don't expect anything special. You didn't have to go on Chowhound to learn about this place, just ask anyone on campus. It's food and it's inexpensive and it's nearby.

                  2. Hoya Saxa baby, C'78 here.

                    You MUST go to the TOMBS. It has been an institution since McGooey graduated years before me. You will not understand the true GU experience without a burger from the Tombs. Hope you enjoy.

                    1. Yeah, gotta hit Wisey's and the Tombs. Mmmm, sammiches. The fries aren't great though, so go for chips. If it's a nice day, you can buy the sandwiches and walk to a bench or something.

                      The Tombs food is a little spotty, in my opinion, but you generally get pretty good quality stuff because they purchase their produce and meats in bulk with 1789 (the high end restaurant upstairs).

                      A student favorite I'd steer clear of is Booeymongers (also called Booey's). It has a charming cafe atmosphere, but the food is nothing to write home about, and sometimes downright bad. Just push on past to Bangkok Bistro, a place where your son will likely enjoy many birthday meals if his college friends are as cheap as mine were. (You get a free meal on your birthday.)

                      I also really like Martin's Tavern at Wisconsin and N. Not a total dive, but an old-timey atmosphere and yummy food. They have some sort of welsh rarebit sandwich that I loved, especially on chilly days.

                      I don't think I'd bother with any Mexican places if you're from California.

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                        Chicken Madness from Wisey's was great! Popped into the Tombs as well just to check it out! Thanks for the tips, gang.