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Jan 19, 2007 11:34 PM

Onyx Sushi in the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village - Anyone?

Has anyone tried lunch (or dinner) at the Onyx Sushi restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village?

Their website offers a general menu, without prices, and I would love more specifics. Thanks!

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  1. OK -- I'll answer my own question!

    We thoroughly enjoyed a Friday afternoon lunch there, at the sushi bar. At this moment, you won't need reservations for the bar at lunchtime, but you will need them for the tables, and you will definitely need them at dinnertime for anywhere in this restaurant.

    Our lunch was relaxed and not stuffy at all, as one might imagine. Our chef began his introduction by telling us that he was there to please us! The sushi was good to very good, as they are still new and improving every day. I do think this will be a great destination for fine sushi in a short while. The hotel is gorgeous and fun to explore before they get too busy in the next many months to come. The Onyx Sushi restaurant is quite beautiful and a perfect place to linger with a friend or guests.

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        jkao1817 - Nothing we had was amazing (AMAZING as in some of the items at Sushi Zo or Kiriko or perhaps a very few others), but all was quite good. I mostly ordered traditional nigiri sushi items, while my friend ordered from all over the menu: some sashimi, some cooked specialties. We shared everything, so we were able to sample quite a few of the offerings. When we were almost done and requested one more "something," the chef painstakingly prepared a mushroom (slightly seared) sushi for us that he was very proud to serve; he told us it was a very traditional item, although I had never had it before.

        Unlike some bars where you return for something specific (the lobster roll at Azami Sushi, for example), there was nothing that haunts me for a return. However, the total experience is really special as it is just a nice place to BE.

        The poster below me, ciaobella, reported that she was going there for dinner. I would love to hear her report!

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          Hi, yes I went and I have to agree nothing was amazing. The portions were small and expensive and i didn't feel the quality warranted that. Our waitress seemed rushed to take our order, though the restaurant was half empty on Friday night around 9pm. The best thing we ordered was the yellowtail sashimi served on a plate with lemon slivers...

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            Would you agree, that it might be worth revisiting in many months? While I don't believe that the prices or portions will change, perhaps in time they will settle in.

            I am only a little surprised to hear that the restaurant was not jumping at 9:00pm; this area beds early -- compared to the Westside. Westlake/Agoura/Thousand Oaks is a sleepy burb at that hour.

            Did you enjoy the room? I thought it was quite pleasant, and as I mentioned, I would like to return in time for the whole experience -- and not just the sushi.

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              Yes, beautiful room and I had the chance to visit my sister's hotel room afterwards and it was equally impressive. I would return if invited, but probably won't be making any special trips from my hometown of Pasadena.

    1. thank you- going tomorrow night for sushi with my sister.

      1. Our party of four visited Onyx on 9/26/07. The room is beautiful but alas the food was not and the service was very slow. We all shared two combo plates which included various sushi and sashimi. It was good but not memorable. We also had some hot dishes and the hawaiian sushi (tuna, avocado & mango) which again were very forgettable. The only saving grace was there was a special of 50% off all food in the restaurant so the bill for four was $98 plus tip. We would NOT go out of our way to visit again especially at their regular prices.