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Jan 19, 2007 11:19 PM

cool eats in Seattle

I'm going to Seattle next weekend. I am also a chef and in school so I'm kinda broke. Are there any really funky, cool but not outrageously expensive places to check out. Any suggestions are great. Coffee joints, lunch spots, dinner hideaways, also happy hours for Friday after work time


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  1. Basically just want some insiders information

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      just wanted to let you know that paseo is closed for their annual winter vacation. do not know date of reopening. definitely go to baguette box though-great sandwiches and they just opened a second location in fremont. for many funky eating opportunities, most of which are inexpensive, just walk around the pike place market/1st ave area. go hungry, eat small at many different spots and don't miss belle's buns in the market. top pot is awesome also. you can thank me later.

      1. re: bighound

        I think Paseo reopens Jan. 26-their phone message has the date if you want to call.

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          Belle's buns is no longer at the Pike Place market, they found the quirks and restrictions of the PDA made the venture there not worth it. Go to their store on 4th and University and bask in butteriness.

      2. Paseo's in Fremont for the Midnight Cuban (pulled pork deliciousness)
        Red Mill in Greenwood for the best burger in town
        Cedar's on Brooklyn for Indian food
        Top Pot donuts on Capitol Hill
        Postmark Gelato in Fremont
        Lots of places in the International District - I can't think of the name but the banh mi is great at this place half a block to the east of 12th & Jackson, on the south side of the street at the end of the strip of shops
        Vivace Coffee on Capitol Hill
        La Carta in Ballard for wonderful Oaxacan food

        Damn, I'm making myself homesick! I moved out to NYC in the Fall to attend ICE and I'm already looking forward to going back to visit Seattle.

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          Thanks alot
          I went to La Carta two years ago and thought it was amazing! I live in Vancouver, BC and I wish we had more places like that

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            And while you're in Ballard, go three blocks North of Market on 24th to Tallgrass and Besalu for amazing bread and pastry, respectively.

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            Great list! I'd second La Carta da Oaxaca and also throw in Baguette Box (try the Drunken Chicken sandwich). They're located on Pine St just across the freeway from downtown and have just opened another one in Fremont.

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              ohmigod, paseo's. LOVE LOVE LOVE their spicy prawn sandwich. absolutely YUMMERS.

            2. Yeah hearing alot about Paseo's, gonna definently make a trip up there

              1. So many places in the Pike Place Market-Market Grill for salmon sandwiches, El Puerco Lloron for Mexican, Maximilien Bistro for a great happy hour with terrific ambiance and beautiful view, even the Athenian can be cool (the food is diner, but it's definitely funky, historic and has a great view). There an abundance of places that are cheap and funky there.
                Since you're from Vancouver I understand if you want to pass on Asian but if you want great Vietnamese, check out Green Leaf in the ID.

                1. Try Larsen's Bakery in Ballard for their Kringle.

                  Caffe Vivace in Capitol Hill for the espresso.

                  Mighty O's Doughnuts in Tangletown for their doughnuts.

                  Hilltop Alehouse in Queen Anne for their NW beer selection and pub grub.

                  Stellar Pizza or Serious Pie for their pizza.

                  Dahlia Bakery on 4th for their cocunut cream pie.

                  Buckaroo in Fremont for a dive bar.