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Jan 19, 2007 11:05 PM


I've been wanting to try out Ten-01 since it opened, haven't been yet but planned to go in about 2 weeks. Now I hear it's gone downhill since opening, chef has left, service bad, etc. etc. Has anyone been there recently and if yes, can I have a quick rundown?

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  1. Apparently this is false. They still have the same exec chef and chef de cuisine. However, they have redone their menu which according to most of the people I talked to who went there was very necessary. I haven't been yet either.


      Here are some reviews.

      I was there two weeks ago and it was fine.

      1. I wouldn't say it's gone downhill at all. I think they definitely had some ideas that didn't work out in execution, but don't all new restaurants?

        Their new menu looks much better than the old one IMHO.

        1. I thought it was very "so what". Not very interesting. Slightly expensive for what you get.

          1. Ten 01's bar menu is pretty good. We ate there a few weeks back and had an excellent burger for about $10. The drinks were nice as well. We plan to go back soon to try the dinner menu.