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I've been wanting to try out Ten-01 since it opened, haven't been yet but planned to go in about 2 weeks. Now I hear it's gone downhill since opening, chef has left, service bad, etc. etc. Has anyone been there recently and if yes, can I have a quick rundown?

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  1. Apparently this is false. They still have the same exec chef and chef de cuisine. However, they have redone their menu which according to most of the people I talked to who went there was very necessary. I haven't been yet either.

    1. http://portlandfood.org/index.php?sho...

      Here are some reviews.

      I was there two weeks ago and it was fine.

      1. I wouldn't say it's gone downhill at all. I think they definitely had some ideas that didn't work out in execution, but don't all new restaurants?

        Their new menu looks much better than the old one IMHO.

        1. I thought it was very "so what". Not very interesting. Slightly expensive for what you get.

          1. Ten 01's bar menu is pretty good. We ate there a few weeks back and had an excellent burger for about $10. The drinks were nice as well. We plan to go back soon to try the dinner menu.


            1. Went for lunch last Saturday and enjoyed it. We loved the space, textures and materials. I started with a mixed greens salad that was nicely dressed then had the bouillabaisse, which was delicious and full of tomatoes and fennel. My friend had the pea shoot and beet salad with blue cheese dressing - very nice - and the tuna sandwich, which I didn't try, she found it good but on the heavy side. Truffle fries were not particularly truffly or special, but good in terms of french fries. For dessert, we tried the fenugreek panna cotta with meyer lemon gelee and cara cara foam. Nice presentation, all the flavors worked when tasted together, but I wouldn't say I know anything more about fenugreek after eating it. And since it was served in a glass and didn't need to stand up on its own, the pastry chef could have used a bit less gelatin.

              Service was a little odd, things like the wine list not being removed after we ordered, and the server offering way more description than necessary. We had to laugh at his description of the the baked alaska, as having a mering-ay sauce - he pronounced it like the dance, not the food, and I doubt it was used as a sauce, not only because that would be difficult, but because the dessert also had creme anglaise on it.

              1. They did let go of a lot of kitchen staff recently. While the chef may remain the same I wonder what this says about the morale

                1. Willamette Week was extremely underwhelmed in their review, out today:


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                    Wow. I just read the review. That was harsh. On top of that, Food Dude just posted a zinger...


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                      Hey pearlinsider - nice website! I live in the Pearl District. What a great idea! You need more restaurant news though!

                  2. "underwhelmed" ?? They got spanked! ...someone's got some splainin' to do! I hadn't been there yet. Not exactly rushing for a reservation now.

                    1. Had lunch today at Ten01 with a friend. Got there early, got to say hello to the Pastry Chef Dan and my friend and I had a very nice lunch.
                      Fish (Tilapia) & chips (Truffle Fries)...batter was light and delicate, fish was perfectly cooked. Fries were very good with mustard aioli.
                      Friend had a pasta dish with sausage, liked it very much.
                      Then we one of the prettiest desserts I have had this year..Dan made a Crepe cake , layers of crepes and Grand Marnier Mousse..perfect. 2 dense dark chocolate truffles and a chocolate mousse that was also close to perfect..
                      The service was very good, quick, friendly and we were left alone to chat and someone was there when needed.

                      When we left, all the tables were full.

                      I am going back this weekend with my husband and a couple of friends..

                      *IMO- regarding that WW review...since we have lived in Portland, I have learned that certain publications are not reliable in any way when it comes to reviewing restaurants or anything else in this town. I question the experience of the writers and the motives of some off the reviews. *

                      1. The thing is, it isn't just that one WW review, pdxgirl. There are several reports of less than stellar meals on portlandfood.org and portlandfoodanddrink.com and even here (and, yes, a few good ones, too). Lots of people have not had as good an experience as you have just had. I think the best thing you can say is that ten-01 is inconsistent...and many folks don't want to take that chance, especially if they are spending over $100 for 2 for dinner.

                        1. We went before going to Portland Center Stage the other night and we were very disappointed. As big fans of Tabla we expected better. Starting with a drink special they could not make without a run to Whole Foods, through a burned bun on the happy hour menu, it was not good.

                          1. JillO- you are probably right. Although many people who post on the forums you mention post here, so I am not sure of the variety of opinions offered.
                            I guess we will just wait and see, restaurants open and close on a regular basis around here, I hope Ten01 is not one of them. Judging by the packed room last night, they have not lost too much business so far.
                            Maybe if one of the Ten01 people reads these forums, they will make some changes.
                            (regarding the run to Whole Foods..that is sort of a good attitude for a restaurant to have, instead of just telling you they didn't have the ingredient (which is something bluehour has done)..

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                              I'll back you up on the quality of WWeek's food reviews, though--I don't trust their reviews, good or bad. At least with the Mercury, you know that they're evaluating the cost of the food and the strength of the drinks.

                            2. Wasn't surprised about the Ten - 01 smackdown. I went there a few weeks ago and was totally underwhelmed by the menu. Service and the physical space were fine. But the food was bland and boring.

                              1. I've got to throw in my 2 cents about the place. To be fair: I have only eaten at the bar, and I have only ordered off the bar menu.

                                The slider burgers are awful. Overcooked and mis-shapen each time I have had them. The truffle fries one one occassion were great, another time, over-fried sticks, and cold. Soup was served tepid last time, but it was really tasty.

                                I have ordered the same drink off their drink menu on different occassions, and it has been made differently each time, though the menu description stays the same (I am speaking of the Henry cocktail). Once, it was much less sweet and the other time it had honey in it (according to the bartender).

                                Their beers, while interesting, are limited to two and the pours are like 12-14 oz. Too small, really, for Portland palates.

                                But the thing that dismayed me most, the thing that is like a death knell to me, the one thing that will prohibit me from ever returning to a place: the bartender let a stirred drink sit in a shaker while he made two other drinks. My delicious (and expensive -- $12) bourbon was watered down to the point of unrecognition. They ruined my Manhattan with their multi-tasking!

                                Other quibbles: once the check came with regular prices instead of HH prices. I asked for the bill to be corrected and the bartender handed me back the bill, with only one item out of the three that we ordered reduced. He did not come back, so I brought the check to a host on the way out to point out the mistake. I mistakenly used the word "you", as in you plural, your establishment, "made a mistake on my check." She said that SHE didn't do any such thing. WTF?! I replied, "Way to pass the buck," and left. It's not the $10 that pisses me off, it's the additude of the host. Yes, I know it's not the host's job to correct a check. But I was being ignored by the bartender and needed to leave.

                                To 10-01 I say: keep my $10, keep your watery Manhattan's, keep your burnt burgers, and most of all keep your rude staff. I ain't coming back.