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Jan 19, 2007 10:55 PM

Oinkster Finally Got It Right

After reading many complaints, and not finding anything spectacular about Oinkster in my first two visits, it seems as if Oinkster has stepped things up. I got the Cheeseburger combo and found it to be one of the most satisfying meals i've had in a while. The fries were perfectly crisp and they actually gave me two of the garlic aioli sauces to dip them in without asking (there were many complaints previously about not receiving any sauce). The cheeseburger (with Gruyere) was incredible. Nice pink center with lots of taste. Both portions were large and left me extremely satisfied. Can't wait to go back and take another shot at the pastrami and the pulled pork.

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  1. That burger is wonderful and when the fries are cooked properly, they are as good as anyone's.
    Also, they have finally gotten the portion and preparation down on the pastrami, and even though the bun still gets a bit too soggy, its taste compliments the pastrami, and you do not break your jaw in the process, like some hard crusted rolls that some sandwiches are served on.
    The root beer is a good beverage with this food, btw.

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      But the pastrami is nowhere, not even close to langer's quality, even though it's based on langer's supposedly.

      but the pastrami here actually does have that applewood smoke flavor, which is sort of unique to this pastrami. are they still not serving the roast chickens? And have they expanded the menu, supposedly they were also adding veggie items to the menu in the very near future.

    2. I ate there last night. Crazy pulled pork sandwich. Fries were actually better this time, sandwich was great, but I'm paying for it today.... It was just too big. Hopefully things will just get better there. I think it's good, and I think people were expecting way too much from this place.
      On the other hand, if you are going to list "Belgian fries" on the menu, they should probably be Belgian fries.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Just wondering. On their website they say they will have beer and wine. Anybody know if they serve them yet?

          1. I visited Oinkster for lunch yesterday, and everything seemed great to me. Applewood smoked pastrami had good large chunks, almost as if to purposefully differentiate it from the Brents/Langers of the world. The fries were very well done and crisp on the outside by still had good chew, and the garlic aioli and homemade ketchup made for great dips.