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Jan 19, 2007 10:21 PM

St. Louis: Early Dinner or late dessert/drink place near UMSL/Touhill Center for Sat. night??

Going to the Touhill tomorrow night for the first time, with a last minute ticket.
Is there anything tasty with vegetarian selections in the neighborhood of the UMSL campus for pre-show supper or after-show dessert (if it is not snowing/sleeting/whatever)?
Ethnic is great, atmosphere fairly irrelevent.
Thanks, p.j.

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  1. Wow, that is a tough call. Spiros and this Cafe place are close to UMSL, just west of the southern border of UMSL. Neither are really good for meals. Vincenzo's on New Florissant is pretty good Italian, but it is in downtown Florissant. The Thyme Table is over there too but the food is along the same line as Vincenzo's as far as quality is concerned. Not great but not bad either.

    The best food around there are at the Normandy Country Club, but you have to be a member. The next closest place is around the airport that I can think of or down S. Charles Rock or Natural Bridge. Oh, there is Rizzo's on the north side of 270 access road.

    1. Like Phaedrus said, it's pretty slim pickings around UMSL, and none that are particularly tasty from an upscale standpoint.

      My favorite thing in the near vicinity is Las Palmas on Woodson Road, but that's Mexican and nothing fancy. It's delicious though.

      UMSL is sort of in a weird pocket with every area directly around it being pretty rundown and somewhat ghetto-like with the exception being Bel-Nor which UMSL is basically in.

      The Cafe is Breakaway Cafe, and I've never eaten there as I've never heard anything good about it. I think someone new owns tit though, so who knows. Some friends of mine actually live above it, and they said he was making a lot of noise a few months ago remodeling in the middle of the night.

      India Palace isn't to far, and it's consistently rated the best Indian in the city.

      OH, and Vincenzo's and Thyme Table, while on Florissant Road, are actually in Ferguson, but they're both very close to UMSL.

      Good luck, and remember, Clayton is really just a few miles down 170

      1. Is a Metro Link ride down to the Loop out of the question?

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          Nope. Metro link ride is definitely a posibility if you have the time.

        2. My very favorite vegetarian restaurant is Raj's Rasoi, in Maryland Heights - off of I-270 on McKelvey. The decor is sparse, but the food is totally vegetarian and nicely flavored. I would not call it close to UMSL, but it would be worth the drive...

          1. Hello all!
            Thanks for the suggestions. I was definitely not looking for upscale---I only do so for special occasions.

            As it turned out, I took the Metrolink out from the Central West End station & back (was just great-13 min. each way!)--my friend was coming from Sunset Hills. Given the snow and late hour, we just headed home after the show.

            I have been trying to get my family out to Raj's Rasoi for several weeks. Maybe next weekend!

            I will keep Vincenzo's and Thyme Table in mind for my next trip.
            Thanks all, p.j.