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Jan 19, 2007 10:17 PM

BYOB in Southeast Valley

Does anyone know of any restaurants in Ahwatukee, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa or Gilbert or Gold Canyon that let you take your own wine? All I know of is Cyclo.

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  1. You didn't mention Scottsdale, but Atlas Bistro (in South Scottsdale, between Thomas and Oak, so it's just up the road from Tempe) is excellent. A bonus is that they are attached to AZ Wine Company which has an excellent selection and reasonable prices.

    1. Dooby's Grill is BYOB too, in Mesa at 2909 S Dobson. Do a search for two reviews in the past three or four months. Great food, super casual, no corking fees.

      1. This is also true of Udupi in Tempe. I've brought my own beer and wine there a few times. Some small ethnic restaurants do not have liquor licenses and can therefore allow BYOB if they wish.

        Fine dining establishments that offer BYOB are quite limited, however, because most of those establishments have purchased liquor licenses, and once an establishment has a liquor license, BYOB is generally not allowed under Arizona law. As suggested above, Atlas is the closest I can think of to the East Valley.

        1. Thanks for the info on Dooby's -- sounds fun. I already know about Atlas and AZ Wine Co. (my handle IS 1wino, after all), but I wanted to find places in the areas I listed. I don't care for Atlas anyway. I will try to locate some other small ethnic joints; good suggestion. But I would urge everyone to check the Maricopa County Environmental Services report on Udupi before continuing to recommend. It is ugly.

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            Yes, I've read those inspection reports, and it is clear that Udupi will have to take some serious action in order to remain open. Still, my own experience is ultimately what guides me, and I've eaten at Udupi an average of twice a month since it opened without ever a problem. It's sort of like when I was in Bangkok and ate the street food even though it would never pass a U.S. inspection. In any case, I hope that Udupi is able to address the ongoing inspection issues. The food is absolutely delicious, and I would hate to have it no longer available.

            1. re: 1wino

              I reviewed the County report on Udupi and I think 1wino must have a competing interest with Udupi or a personal vendetta. The reports are not bad and I have eaten there many times myself, and found it to be quite good. I wonder who made the "citizen complaint" that was unfounded. Make your own decisions about this great place, please.

              1. re: 1wino

                Unfortunately, Dooby's now has a liquor licence and doesn't do BYOB anymore.

                1. re: azwino

                  I loved Dooby's when I first went but I haven't had real great experiences the last couple visits. Have you visited lately?

                  1. re: azhotdish

                    No, haven't been there since they pulled the plug on BYOB. The place was declining when I stopped going there. It was a nice place in its day, though.

                    1. re: azhotdish

                      I agree. We used to love Dooby's but the last couple visits, especially since he's moved to the new space, have been really disappointing. Too bad.

                      1. re: ziggylu

                        Wanted to add I've been going to Spices at McClintock and Ray for my falafel fix. Pita Jungle serves other similar cravings on this side of town as well. Neither though is BYOB.

                        The new Cornish Pasty location fills a geographical hole left by Dooby's when hungry at the Dobson/Guadalupe intersection. Again though, not BYOB. Cyclo is the only placeBYOB in this immediate area I know of....

                        1. re: ziggylu

                          Slightly off track, but I just visited the BYOB Amuse Bouche in Surprise recently. WOW! Impressed. Still haven't found any others close by in the EV, though.

                          I second you on Spices, Zigglyu. It's my favorite Middle Eastern place.