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Jan 19, 2007 10:13 PM

Anyone been to SUENOS on 17th?

I passed this Mexican place run by Sue Torres, who I guess is the daughter of Jacques Torres, today, and after reading some reviews on the web, it seems the food is pretty good but service is very slow. Just wondering if anyone has input...maybe service was slow in the beginning but things have improved?

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  1. Who told you she was daughter of Jacques Torres?!

    Suenos is great. I love it. I've been following her from restaurant to restaruant for years: from Rocking Horse to Hell's Kitchen, to her own place Suenos.

    1. I found Suenos very good but not quite as good as some of the ebullient recs on this board. Delicious but not the best, IMHO.

      1. Suenos is a charming place, and I haven't experienced any unusual service delays. I'm fond of the coconut-guajillo poached seafood tacos and the tequila-flamed shrimp stack as appetizers, and the achiote-rubbed bronzini, the vegetable and goat cheese enchiladas, and the plantain-crusted halibut as main courses.

        Sue Torres is not the daughter of Jacques Torres. Sue's father is Puerto Rican, and her mother is Italian; Jacques grew up in Provence, France.

        1. I've been twice now. The first time, we really enjoyed our food (especially the steak--I forget what the dish is called). Second time, things weren't as well prepared, so I've been reluctant to go a third time. Definitely worth a try, tho. It's a really neat, sedate space. I haven't food the service to be slow.