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Jan 19, 2007 09:40 PM

Wheat Beer

HAs anyone tried out a Hefeweizen from Two Palms? I bought a six pack for this evening and I'm wondering if I should have bothered.

While i'm at it anyone got any really good suggestions for decent Wheat Beer's? Nothing is going to top a good glass of Hoegaarden I know, but what alternatives are there?

My reading has told me that the two palms is more of the German style of Hefeweizen (hence my hesitation over it) I'm much more parcial to a nice white Belgian style to be honest. Think the best micro brew alternative I'm come across has to be Blue Moon, the Pyramid one isn't to bad and the Trader Jo's (isn't it Gordons?) is passable at a push.

So alternative micro brews or even imported Belgaian beers? Tried a number of German imports and never really found one to my liking.

the more I think about it I think I'll be stopping for an emergency alternative six pack at the store on the way home

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  1. I think you can top Hoegaarden, actually. Brooklyn Brewery's Blanche de Brooklyn beat it at the World Beer Cup.

    Avery's White Rascal and Hitachino Nest White Ale are two other really good witbiers.

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    1. re: Josh

      I think you can top Hoegaarden as well.

      Allagash White
      Celis White
      Ommegang Witte
      Unibroue Blanche de Chambly
      St. Bernardus Witbier

      Technically, I don't consider Coors Blue Moon to be a witbier since it is made with malted wheat instead of unmalted wheat.

      1. re: LStaff

        I second the Ommegang Witte. Hoegaarden may be from another country, but saying it's great is like someone in Germany going on and on about MGD.

      2. re: Josh

        I haven't had the Blanche de Brooklyn but the Avery and Hitachino Nest recommendations are the two I would make if I were seeking a witbier in your area.

        1. re: brentk

          I finally tried Allagash White, I was a little disappointed in it. Kind of thin-tasting.

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            Hitachino Nest is the best beer out there. The Blanche du Chambly from Unibroue in Quebec is very nice too. Domestically, the Sunshine Wheat from the Fat Tires is delicate, inoffensive, and nice on a summer day.

        2. To be clear a distinction can be drawn between Witbier and Weisse or Weizen. Where both are made with around 50% wheat, Witbier is additionally brewed with a variety of spices including orange peel and coriander.

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            Some of the bigger brewers in Munich are using up to 70% wheat in their hefewiezens.

          2. I like Erdinger and Franziskaner Heffeweisens.

            1. Ayinger Brau Weiss and Ur Weiss are excellent. So is Schneider. All should be available here.

              1. definitely you can top hoe - all belgian wits and belgian-wit-style micros mentioned so far are great suggestions. blanche de chambly was always one of my favorites when i was in the throes of my wit phase ;)

                bavarian wheat beer has more body...more chewiness than a wit style. my favorites in this style are Paulaner and Weihephstephaner (sp?)-- as mentioned Ayinger's weisse style is also quite tasty. but when i used to be able to find Maisels Weisse it was my all time favorite bavarian wheat.

                good bavarian style american micros are few and far between in my (granted limited FL) experience. Bell's Oberon was really good a few years back, but i think they must've changed the recipe cause last time i had it it was less bavarian and more belgian wit. (we were able to get it while visiting indianapolis, never here in FL) so if you can get Oberon, you might really enjoy that one!