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Jan 19, 2007 09:36 PM

Best Trader Joes in the DC area

Last weekend I was in Chicago and wondered into a TJ off Michigan Avenue. I was absolutely amazed by all the products I'd never seen before. I was wondering which TJ around here has the best selection of products. Am itching to try some new stuff . . .

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  1. That's interesting about the different products. I know the CA ones have diff products than here on the East Coast. There are three TJs equidistant from my house, and while there are a couple of items I'm more likely to find at one than the others, their stock seems to fluctuate at the same rate.

    1. THe one in Rockville is quite large and has pretty good selection of products

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        Wow, the Rockville one drives me nuts. Parking in that strip mall is a hassle and the other customers drive me bonkers. Most likely, I'm just a crank.

        Regardless, to the OP--the big advantage (I can think of) for heading to one of the VA locations is that local liquor laws keep TJ's in MoCo from selling wine. I'm not a huge TJ's fan, but my impression is that the good deals on wine are part of what many folks love, and you won't find that in MoCo stores.

      2. I shop regularly at several TJ in the area (Chevy Chase, West End & Alexandria). The selection seems to be basically the same at all these.
        If you go on their website they do post different products regionally under the NEW products section.

        However probably due to their amazing expansion, recently they have run into problems supplying some of our regular/favorite products.

        thai dumplings (veggie + shrimp) have been out until they find new supplier.
        stir fry noodles are also having suppply problems, you can still find the udon and curry but maybe not soba.
        asparagus cuts & tips have not been seen for over a month
        they used to have nice frozen tortellinis and those have been discontinued recently.

        1. TJ in Old Town Alexandria used to carry super jumbo brown eggs frequently and the one in Springfield far less frequently. Now neither of them do. I go to the DC farmers market and get double yolk brown eggs at a reasonable price. That farmers market also sometimes carries jumbo lump crabmeat at a good price.

          1. It could be the Chicago one is being stocked by the California-based TJ distribution center, rather than the east coast/Massachusetts-based one.

            Of the local ones I've been to, the Annapolis and Springfield outlets seem to have the best selection.