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May 9, 2005 12:07 AM

Delessio's Mini-cupcakes

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Stopped by Delessio soon after opening on Sunday to take Wendy's advice -

My heart almost stopped when I didn't see any cupcakes on the front counter and I was afraid that I might be too early. But, at the back of the store, the minis were laid out for sale. I got one of each.

Though my brother got a bite or two, so far my mother has not been sharing with me. So, I can't offer any opinions on how they taste. William did like the small taste he had of the raspberry chocolate one that he said had some ground nuts in it like linzer torte. And, I did catch my mom standing over the sink nibbling on the paper cupcake liner to scrape off the remaining crumbs of that one . . . I think that means she liked it.



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  1. hey melanie--what types of flavors were there?

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    1. re: sfglutton
      Melanie Wong

      I was afraid someone was going to ask that. Ok, the counter guy identified nine of the 10 for me. Here's what I remember: dulce de leche, lemon, raspberry chocolate, German chocolate, peanut butter chocolate (the one with the meringue cap on a base of peanut buttercream), mint chocolate, flourless chocolate cake . . . that's it.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        okay - so I am ready to get in the car, bus or train...where is this cupcake fantasyland?

        Thanks for the photo -- makes the descriptions that much better.

        1. re: Pday

          It's next door to FLAX, the huge art store on Market. Link below.


          1. re: nooodles
            ChowFun (derek)

            I believe that they have the finest croissants that I have experienced in the city...and their "salad" bar is unbelievable!

        2. re: Melanie Wong

          I was there on Sunday, too. The person at the counter said the one that looks like it has a meringue cap actually has a homemade marshmallow cap... did you get to try that one?

          I had an excellent chocolate chip cookie with my coffee.

          1. re: bernalgirl

            A belated happy Mothers Day to you!

            Thanks for the explanation . . . that "meringue" was more like a marshmallow in texture. Mystery solved! The cake under that was very dense and almost like peanut butter-chocolate fudge.

        3. re: sfglutton

          I think there's also a zucchini spice one with a cream-cheese frosting... I too went by last week in response to the descriptions and I was delighted by them!

          1. re: KS

            Thank you, that one has a bit of green zucchini skin in the frosting and was one that the counter guy couldn't identify. The frosting was delicious.

        4. The dark chocolate with vanilla buttercream is, in my estimation, the absolutely perfect weekday lunch indulgence. Every bite is a perfect balance of moist chocolatey cake and caramelly vanilla buttercream. I can make one last about 4 bites, and it hits my craving for something sweet after a meal dead on. It is just the perfect amount of decadent and satisfying.

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          1. re: Leaseachef

            That one's the second from the left. The buttercream was wonderful and my favorite of the frostings. But the cake was a bit on the dry side and had a metallic aftertaste.

          2. f
            Frosty Melon

            Great photo! I am tired of feeling "on the outs" when it comes to these cupcakes as I am such a DeLessio fan. I will try one (or more) this week.

            1. After all the recommendations here, I was so excited to get these for my boyfriend's mom on Mother's Day and report back, but circumstances required me to bring flowers instead. Disappointing. Thanks for guaranteeing that I'll still get them for myself as soon as I can though.