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Jan 19, 2007 08:51 PM

Where can I buy head-on shrimp?

Recently got James Peterson's seafood book, and he frequently refers to a shrimp broth, but you need head-on shrimp to make it. I've checked the LA Farmer Market fish shop and Whole Foods, and neither have it. Live in West Hollywood area, so I'd prefer something in that neighborhood, but I'm willing to travel a little ways to find. Thoughts?

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  1. Any asian supermarket in SGV.

    I recently saw some very good specials at 168 Supermarket (corner of New and Valley) in Alhambra.

    1. Take the 101 down to Vermont and 3rd. Go to Seafood City or Maynila Grocery. You'll find all kinds of shrimps and seafood (headless and with).

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        I would second the Seafood City rec. The one in the Eagle Rock Plaza has all manner of shrimp/prawn.

        1. re: czaplin

          The Seafood City in Eagle Rock Plaza has the best seafood section around.

          But truly, any Asian market in any part of town of any size will carry shrimp with the head on.

          From your neck of the woods, probably the closest Asian market of good size is HK Market.

          It's on Western/1st just south of Beverly.

      2. As well as any 99 Ranch Market.

        1. Quality Seafood at the Redondo Beach Pier.

          1. Asian markets like A Grocery Warehouse on Sunset Blvd, HK Market on Pacific in Glendale and in LA on Western, and Fish King in Glendale sell shrimp with heads on. But have you tried asking the fishmonger at Whole Foods if they can procure you some shrimp with heads on?