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Jan 19, 2007 08:47 PM

the chowtour


i've been laid low with a nasty bout of the 'flu - doubtless picked up from my dental hygienist who paused for belly deep hacks between mincing my teeth.

so i've taken the last few days to catch up on a whole bunch of things i've always been meaning to - and one of them was to finish reading and listening to the chow tour.


theres an enormous amount of diggable stuff. the podcasts are great, and as i cant taste anything for the moment, just seeing and hearing is like er, being there.

anyway, i know i'm headed off to lowell next time i'm stateside. or is it georgia?

  1. Yeah .. so shoot me ... it has been a hassle to keep up with, but even though I'm not in that area of the country, it has given me ideas on things to look for in my area ... and notes if I do get back East.

    1. I'm an east-coast maven: lots of good stuff here if you have the time to explore. this fall, deb and i will drive to cape may then slowly slide down the eastern shore. a ferry back to the mainland and some minor stabs inland before setting a course north. it's all good.

      1. Really great to have you guys reading along. Please spread the word!