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Jan 19, 2007 08:37 PM

Orange County Restaurant With Live Music

My parents are looking for a restaurant in or around Newport Beach with live music. They love the live jazz at Oysters, but are looking for another option. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point has jazz. They usually have a calendar on their website, but I just checked and the new calendar hasn't been posted yet. You could probably call them for the info. The food is decent and the service is excellent.

    32802 Pacific Coast Highway
    Dana Point, CA 92629

    1. Mozambique, Laguna Beach

      1. Blue Beet in Newport Beach (on the pennisula) has live jazz.

        Also, La Cave in Newport.

        1. Steamers in Fullerton, food is OK, but the jazz is spectacular.

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            2nd Steamers.

            Steamers Jazz Club
            138 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

            1. re: la vida dulce

              I'll agree about the jazz being spectacular but, they pack the patrons in like sardines in there.

            2. Sejour in Newport Beach in Lido Villlage has live music and a cool vibe. It has been awhile since I have been though. I would call and ask.

              Bayside has live jazz brunch on Sundays.

              FYI the live music at La Cave is not in the dining room but in a seperate room off the the side. The Frank Sinatra impersonator is supposed to be amazing.

              Both Mastros Ocean Club and Steak house have live music in the bar.

              Villa Nova has a very large piano bar with live music. Eat dinner elsewhere though.