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Qboda? (moved from Boston board)

Has anyone eaten at this burrito chain? One just opened up on the Worcester line and I'm wondering if it is a reasonable option for a quick lunch. No Anna's out here! There's a Moe's across from it, and I'm imagining they are comparable, but I wouldn't mind an opinion or two. I notice they are all over Boston.


P.S. Apologies for posting this "chain inquiry" right next to the wonderful sounding Chelsea tortillas....I know, an abomination!

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  1. It's not great, but it's fine :) You miht try posting this on the chains board, though, or searching over there.

    1. Qdoba is better than Anna's for: fresh salsas, strikingly good tortilla soup, spices they use to marinate their chicken, very fresh guacamole, better black beans, posting all their nutritional info online.

      Anna's is better than Qdoba for: grilled vegatables, green chile pork stew, cheaper prices.

      Both are about the same for: gummy, flavorless steamed tortillas.

      1. Qdoba is fine, but not really worth going out of your way for.

        1. Only been once to the one by Northeastern, but my thoughts: Waste of meal, waste of calories--I'd just skip lunch over Qdoba. The burrito I had was watery and bland, albeit healthyish. I definitely prefer Anna's.

          1. Qdoba is not bad, I've had a couple decent experiences there. But, if a Boloco opens near you, stay away, horrible. Parenthetically, I can't get with the whole Anna's cult. They served me one of the blandest, most non-descript burritos of my life there.

            1. Qdoba is unremarkable. I would go if others were paying, but would not buy lunch there myself. If you do go, get one of their "signature" burritos. The mole isn't fantastic compaed to good moles, but it's good, and a much different flavor than your typical american burrito shop.

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                The knuckleheads in charge of menu decisions for Qdoba have replaced the mole burrito with a barbecue sauce burrito.

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                  well, they're dead to me... it wasn't that great anyway

              2. I have one of these near work, and go there every once in a while. I tend to agree that the food is nothing remarkable, but it is decent, and as long as you go when it's not too crowded it's quick to get in and out (you can end up waiting in line a bit if you go during the lunch rush.) The grilled chicken is quite good, and I like the queso as well (it's certainly better than the standard canned orange stuff. These days, I usually get either the Chicken Mole burrito or the Chicken Nachos, although the Fajita Classica Burrito is decent too. As long as you set your expectations accordingly, you can get a decent quick meal there.

                1. Baja Fresh is so much better, but they do ahve decent tortilla soup.

                  1. I'll agree with the general sentiment. Qdoba is OK, but not worth any extra effort. If you're out and about and your tired of typical FF and don't have time for a table place, it's worth the occasional visit.

                    1. I had the same question a few months ago. Do a search and you should find the thread.

                      1. I find Qdoba bland and soggy. I would much rather cross the street and go to Moe's.

                        1. i would agree with most other people and say that Qdoba is just OKAY. its definitely edible, but for chain mexican, baja fresh is much better! the one thing that i like about qdoba is that you can get pretty much anything on their menu "naked." i always get the naked chicken taco salad which is pretty decent