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Jan 19, 2007 08:26 PM

Dim Sum Downtown With Good Veg and Non-Veg

Title says it all. I searched and found tons of threads about vegetarian dim-sum places, but I need specifically a place that has good options for people who want meat and seafood and for those who don't. Most importantly, it has to be cheap. I was considering Rol San, but I'm not sure how their veg food is.

A tall order. Can anybody help me out?

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  1. Q Dim Sum Palace, King St. W., just east of Spadina, across from the Shoppers Drug Mart at...Peter St I think.

    I love that it's quiet, has cloth tablecloths, is a la carte (no cart for me please), and is priced like any of the Spadina joints.

    And best of all, THEY DELIVER!

    1. Rol San's buddha's feast veggie rice flour roll is my absolute favourite dim sum dish that they serve. But as far as I know, vegetable or "vegetarian" dim sum in non-vegetarian Chinese restaurants could still contain lard, and other animal by-products could be present in the sauces/seasoning such as the Worcestershire, Oyster sauce, etc. Rol San's stuffed eggplant is stuffed with chopped shrimp, and if I recall correctly, some of the tofu dishes had minced pork. If the vegetarians are so strict that they will be offput by trace amounts of pork or shrimp sneaking into dishes they thought might be vegetarian, Rol San probably isn't the right place to go.