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Jan 19, 2007 08:08 PM

Super H Mart Vs. Mitsuwa

I am frequently at Mitsuwa, and will be going to Super H for the first time. Is it as cool??

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  1. It's almost identical, from the vast produce offerings, to the many "storefront" shops surrounding the main supermarket, to the food court booths.

    Mitsuwa Marketplace
    100 E. Algonquin Road
    Arlington Heights IL

    H Mart
    801 Civic Center Drive
    Niles IL

    1. Super H Mart is just a little bigger I think. I have not shopped at either often enough to compare prices btw them, but I do love the seafood selection at Super H and have been there 3x for their fresh fish selection.

      1. Super H Mart is MUCH larger than Mitsuwa (except Mitsuwa's food court is bigger). Mitsuwa is Japanese; Super H Mart is mostly Korean (and pan-Asian in many respects) . Both are great...just different. Mitsuwa has more high-end stuff (wagyu beef, fresh wasabi, rice from Japan, etc.). Produce at Super H Mart is significantly cheaper and selection is much larger.

        1. First thing you'll notice once you step into Super H Mart is the large produce section. As Pugman wrote, selection and prices in general are very good. Much, much better than Mitsuwa, but limited in Japanese produce. I did see nasu (eggplant), daikon (white radish), kyuri (cucumber) and Hachiya persimmons. We thought the flounder and pork cutlet were very good. A tofu shop recently opened where a freshly made block was going for $1.29. This is quite a deal since their tofu had a nice nutty taste compared to the usual blandness of the pre-packaged kind. There's a bakery but I prefer Hippo in Mitsuwa.
          Rumor is that they are looking at the Schaumburg area for their 2nd location. One thing that annoyed me was that 4 different people tried to push a cd/dvd on me on a Sunday visit. I'm guessing these are of the religious kind.

          1. Just came back from Super H. What a great place! I love Mitsuwa, but I loved this even better. Hope they do put one in Schaumburg as it's a long way from Lake in the Hills!!

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              H-Mart is wonderful, and if you are up in Niles I would also stop by Jerry's Fresh Market on Milwaukee which is MUCH different - tiny, cramped, packed with people - but has a wonderful selection of ethnic foods. Although living where you do, you could probably do equally as well at Valli on Golf Rd.

              There is a new H-Mart coming, but to Naperville on Ogden Rd, not in Schaumberg, so alas maybe not that much more convenient from LITH. Good for me though, because I work right by it. It should open in the next week or two from the look of it.

              1. re: jan

                Woodman's in Carpenterville ( Randall Rd near Huntley Rd.) has a number of Asian items in their international food section. No comparison to either Mitsuwa or H-Mart BUT it is only 4-5 miles away.