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Jan 19, 2007 07:45 PM

Harvard Square rec's

I don't go to Harvard Square too often -- I have been to Rialto & really enjoyed it. Where should I go tonight after the movies?

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  1. If it were me...Cambridge 1 or Veggie Planet for very casual. How 'bout Upstairs on the Square or Casablanca. I'm not a huge fan of sushi, but a lot of people seem to like OM.

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    1. re: eriberri

      I've never been to Om, but it's not a sushi restaurant based on the reviews I've read here and the dishes that were described.

      Tamarind Bay could be a good choice if you are in the mood for Indian.

      1. re: eriberri

        Om isn't sushi. It looks like glam Tibetan, serves very eclectic, creatively presented New American. I like it, but haven't been back lately.

        I like Tamarind Bay (creative Indian), Cambridge,1 (tiny bar with solid food, excellent flatbread pizzas), Shilla (Korean plus some Japanese, including sushi), Sandrine's (fancy Alsatian), Charlie's Kitchen (fun, loud, divey rock bar with decent pub food), Le's in the Garage (decent Vietnamese, good pho), Tanjore (less elaborate Indian, good Southern dishes). If you get a little out of the Square, you can get to Chez Henri (I prefer the Cuban food in the bar to the French in the dining room, but it's uncomfortably packed on weekend nights) and The Forest Cafe (good, modest Mexican).

        Rialto is still closed for remodelling and menu revamping. I haven't been back to Upstairs on the Square since it changed both chefs (it has two distinct dining rooms and menus, one more casual, the other quite upscale). I haven't been back to Casablanca in a while, but its casual Eclectic menu has many admirers here.

        Burdick's is a little cafe/pastry shop notable for its extraordinary hot chocolate. Algiers is a good North African style cafe, good Turkish coffee.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          I knew the downstairs Upstairs person left a while ago, but the upstairs woman did too? 1/2 of that wacky duo, Deborah or Mary something? Are they both gone?

          1. re: Joanie

            Amanda Lydon used to be the chef at the Soiree Room (upstairs) -- she's now at the Straight Wharf Restaurant in Nantucket (with a sitnt at Ten Tables in JP in between). Susan Regis used to be the chef at the Monday Club Bar (downstairs) -- she's now at Pava in Newton Centre. Mary-Catherine and Deborah are the owners, AFAIK they're still there.

      2. I agree with Cambridge One for casual, but not the pizza with goat cheese and some kind of greens. Sorrel, maybe? Anyway, it was a little blah.

        1. i think it depends on what kind of grub you're looking for. tamarind bay is really good indian; i still like tanjore for indian food. veggie planet doesn't do dinner comfortably on nights when passim has concerts - if you dont mind something really casual (and some really good singer/songwriter/folk music in the background) then it could work for original pizzas.

          1. My top 5 would surely include Rialto, Casablanca, and Tamarind Bay. I enjoy the nice but casual atmosphere, drinks, and Mediterranean-influenced food at Casablanca. Tamarind Bay serves the best non-spicy Indian food I've ever had. Om and Harvest may also be up there (only been to these places once, but they are good). Any thoughts on Harvest anybody?

            Wherever you go, I recommend Burdick's for dessert and a demitasse of hot chocolate.

            1. We ended up going to Cambridge 1 and really enjoyed it. It was pretty busy but we managed to get a spot at the bar. Was not impressed by the wedge salad that we split --too much gloppy shallot dressing on top. The pizza, however, was very tasty --we had a half potato and half bolognese. I really ejoyed the bright tomato taste of the bolognese. We had a nice pinot noir and were very satisfied. Will definitely return!