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Jan 19, 2007 07:34 PM

exciting restaurants in north london ?

i live in hampstead and am needing to find some thing new for 2007 . i enjoy the freemasons , cafe japan , the bull , l'aventure , dim t ,nahling , the pump house , fredericks for eg and i am wanting to find some new places in and around the area .
anyone know of some new or reliable places ?
nothing run of the mill please !

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  1. that 'nothing run of the mill' sounds a lot like fawltys 'no riffraff.'

    have you tried the czech and slovak house in west hempstead? and the parsee in highgate?

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    1. re: howler

      nothing run of the mill means exactly what it says , nothing boring , average or ordinary and certainly nothing like basil faulty would be happy with . i am trying to find some new places with good food and atmosphere thats all .

    2. Not sure how local you want it to be, but there is the new XO - (from the people who did E&O) in Belzise Park and also they've just done up Odette's and its had some good reviews.

      1. Home was great...maybe "run of the mill", but truly standout execution.

        1. You don't mean Home near Old Street do you? I hope not . . .

          1. A few thoughts:

            Eriki (imaginative Indian) - Finchley Road (near Swiss Cottage)
            Taro (sushi and Japanese grill) - Finchley Road
            Singapore Garden (South East Asian) - Fairfax Road (South Hampstead)
            Mulan (Chinese) - Rosslyn Hill/Chalk Farm Road
            Muang Thai - Chalk Farm Road
            Gung Ho (Chinese/Szechuan) - West End Lane