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New Beer bar on 4thAve, Brooklyn

I've heard about a newish bar that has a good selection of craft brew on draft. Any idea of the name or actual location? Many thanks paisans.

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  1. Two newish places on the northern end of 4th Ave: Cherry Tree and Sheep Station.

    1. as per Time Out NY:

      4th Avenue Pub
      Park Slopers have a new bar with a great beer selection and a large back garden. Located next to the Cherry Tree, this pub serves 24 draft brews from companies like Allagash, Rogue and Smuttynose, and a large selection of Scotches. 76 Fourth Ave between Bergen St and St. Marks Pl, Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-643-2273).

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        Stopped in 4th Ave Pub yesterday afternoon, and I really recommend it. The owner, Jacob, was tending bar and is very friendly and knowledgable about the beer he serves. Very pleasant environment for grownups. And the popcorn was good too.

      2. If it's at 65, it's across Fourth Ave. from the Cherry Tree. The Mule coffee house is next to Cherry Tree.

        1. Wow - I thought that 4th Ave. Pub was just an old watering hole that I somehow missed - never realized it was a new joint. Will have to check it out.

          And FYI, Mule has applied for a liquor license, so I imagine they'll be serving beer and wine soon.

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            4th ave pub has a wide selection of fancy beer, but what's even better is that they're 2 for 1 (until I think maybe 8?). And free popcorn. And it is right across from Cherry Tree.

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              Really! Well in that case, I'm going to have to try it out. Thanks for the info.

          2. 4th ave pub is really, really great. no pretensions at all, great beer selection that will satisfy both the beergeek and the casual appreciator, friendly tenders, etc. the popcorn doesnt hurt either:)

            1. Went into the place next to Mule (I guess its Cherry Tree) once. It looked like a cool enough crowd, but the music was absolutely blaring...you had to shout at the top of your lungs to be heard. We left immediately.

              I just don't understand bars that insist on blasting the music at ear-splitting levels. If I want to go to a dance club, I'll go to a danceclub. If I want a bar/pub, I want background music and to be able to converse with my friends. Its so irritating.

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                I stopped in for the first time to Dram Shop on 9th Street in Park Slope a couple of weeks ago to check it out after reading and hearing good things about it. This was a Friday night, maybe 6:30 PM or so.

                Really good-looking place, nice menu, nice beer selection, very friendly barmaid. Maybe 5 people in the place. All that was completely offset by the blaring music. Had to shout at the barmaid to be heard. I had my one beer (in a relative hurry at that) and left.

                I do not get it...

              2. agreed, loud music in a drinking-bar is totally and completely unwanted. to me, these type of bars should be more akin to a quaint cafe rather than a night club. btw, 4th ave pub seems to be just this kind of place:)

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                  Second that! Really loud music is for the vodka-red bull, strobe-lit, B&T Manhattan club scene. Any quality ale house or neighorhood pub needs just a decent "background" audio at a moderate volume. It could be anything from the Stones to Cuban Jazz. Just make it blend into the atmosphere rather than an assault to the ears. I ducked into this 4th Ave Pub last week and it really looks promising. Great selection of beers. I'm hoping they will have a few of their taps "rotating" every couple of weeks with something new and special .

                2. Cherry Hill has a beer pong aka Beirut table. Enough said.

                  1. This sounds like a cool place. I'll have to v isit there next time I'm in town. Can they serve alcohol until 4 am?

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                      i think every bar in bklyn can serve till 4am. i mean, whether its totally legal or not i dont know, but every bar ive asked at always says open till 4.

                    2. 4 AM is the latest legal serving time for bars in the State of New York. All of NYC is under the 4 AM rule. However, many other localities in the state mandate an earlier closing time. Of course individual bars in NYC may close whenever they like before 4 AM, and many do.

                      1. I definately live in the wrong city. :o)

                        1. yeah, we've gotta have the latest closing time in the US, no? i mean, 4 am? awesome, i love NY.

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                            I believe Nevada and Louisiana have no restrictions on opening times, thus 24 hour alcohol.

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                              figures Nevada...arent they the ones with legal prostitution for the truckers, etc?

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                                and they have those drive-thru daquiri huts in New Orleans...

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                                The "information" consists of a comparison of the lighting in the various bars. The author didn't bother to actually taste any of the beers or compare selections. Thin stuff indeed.

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                                  Interesting nonetheless. I'm a fan of the atmosphere at 4th Ave and I think that's what Pac Standard lacks. 4th Ave rocks, but you shouldn't go there. It's all mine!