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Jan 19, 2007 07:14 PM

Sushi Houston / Sugarland

Looking for great sushi in Houston / Sugarland. Will be taking a client out. Client is in Sugarland, but not limited to stayiong in Sugarland if the best is in Houston. Any recommendations?

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  1. I haven't been in forever but Teppay is known as having the most traditional freshest sushi in town.
    Again, I haven't been in a long time but Ginza on San Felipe has good sushi.
    SL has one place in new territory that I heard had good sushi?
    Not much help I guess but Teppay might need to be your pick?

    1. The one in New Territory is called Sasu Sushi and it is very good. There's also Japaneiro's in Town Center which has the same type of rolls as Sasu but also other types of dishes in case other people in your party don't want sushi. In town, I would recommend Kubos in the Rice Village.

      1. Not being a sushi fan, I haven't been to either Sasu Sushi or Japaniero's but they both have a good reputation. Japaniero's is more centrally located (on Hwy 6 right by Town Center and the Marriott) and does have other menu options besides sushi. Sasu Sushi is in a fairly obscure location and might be harder to find/get to if you aren't familiar with the area.

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          1. I would make it to Sasu Sushi on New Territory Blvd. I go all the time and quickly became my favorite Sushi bar. Nick the owner will make you feel welcomed and the sushi has always been fresh and tasty.

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              What do they have besides sushi? I live in that neighborhood and would go there occasionally if they have miso soup and cooked food....