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Cupcakes (Eastside) that don't cost a fortune?

I'm looking for a place where I can order a couple dozen cupcakes, and I don't have to spend a small fortune. I would prefer to spend under $2/per cupcake, and would love a place that gives a volume discount. They do not have to be fancy or decorated, just moist and tasty. Thanks!

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  1. I tentatively offer up Yummy Cupcakes on Magnolia in Burbank. I say tentatively because I believe their prices are $2.50-3.00 per cupcake and while their flavors are inventive, sometimes the cakes themselves are a bit too sugary. It might be worth checking out.

    On another note, Porto's doesn't do cupcakes do they?

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      Porto's does do cupcakes, although I've never tried them. In Glendale, they're only available on the bakery side, and I only remember seeing chocolate and vanilla.

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        i love yummy cupcakes, and have used them for several events to huge eater's satisfaction.

      2. nope, never seen a cupcake at porto's... but there are so many other yummy options, it doesn't seem like such a loss.

        1. My vote is of Violet's on Holly St (Pasadena)... although, my experience is they don't keep very well. Enjoy on site or within a few hours, if you can! $2.50/each -- I'd call and ask if they'd give you a discount. The owner is VERY nice.

          1. Get the mini's at Auntie Em's-1.25 a peice, about 2 or 3 bites.

            1. Interesting concepts of "eastside"...

              1. Looking at the locations and prices listed above, I'd call a Whole Foods and see what they can do. They have large, very elaborately decorated cupcakes that don't taste half bad. A little on the sweet side, but solid.

                1. If you have to resort to store bought, go to Trader Joe's. Try the little 4 pack, chocolate or vanilla, in the bakery section. They're way better than any store bough ones I've ever had. But go early in the day, or they'll be gone.

                  1. Delilah's Bakery just reopend today on Echo Park Avenue...hear they have a good selection of cupcakes.

                    1. I Think LA MASCOTA Bakery on Whitter Blvd has cup cakes. They are just a few blocks past SOTO on the north side of the street. Make sure you try their Chicken Tamales or other tamales..... YUMMY! their pan Dulce is half bad either...... Make sure you cross the street to Johnnys Shrimp Boat and try the Chinese Style fried shrimp mad by Latino Cooks with the Korean owner..... LOL Just eat it!

                      1. hmm, I don’t see cupcakes on its menu (maybe you can special order?), but what about:

                        1326 E 1st Street
                        Los Angeles, CA 90033

                        Monday-Friday from 8am- 2:30pm
                        Phone: 323-261-0852
                        Email: dking@debrakingcakes.com
                        URL: http://www.cakewalkbakery.net/about.html

                        1. Delilah Bakery is fabulous! Just went yesterday and everything was delicious!
                          Phone: 213/975-9400
                          URL: http://www.delilahbakery.com/