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Jan 19, 2007 07:05 PM

Cupcakes (Eastside) that don't cost a fortune?

I'm looking for a place where I can order a couple dozen cupcakes, and I don't have to spend a small fortune. I would prefer to spend under $2/per cupcake, and would love a place that gives a volume discount. They do not have to be fancy or decorated, just moist and tasty. Thanks!

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  1. I tentatively offer up Yummy Cupcakes on Magnolia in Burbank. I say tentatively because I believe their prices are $2.50-3.00 per cupcake and while their flavors are inventive, sometimes the cakes themselves are a bit too sugary. It might be worth checking out.

    On another note, Porto's doesn't do cupcakes do they?

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      Porto's does do cupcakes, although I've never tried them. In Glendale, they're only available on the bakery side, and I only remember seeing chocolate and vanilla.

      1. re: teach

        i love yummy cupcakes, and have used them for several events to huge eater's satisfaction.

      2. nope, never seen a cupcake at porto's... but there are so many other yummy options, it doesn't seem like such a loss.

        1. My vote is of Violet's on Holly St (Pasadena)... although, my experience is they don't keep very well. Enjoy on site or within a few hours, if you can! $2.50/each -- I'd call and ask if they'd give you a discount. The owner is VERY nice.

          1. Get the mini's at Auntie Em's-1.25 a peice, about 2 or 3 bites.

            1. Interesting concepts of "eastside"...