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Jan 19, 2007 07:02 PM

Best Restaurants in Ft.Lauderdale

I'm heading to Ft.Lauderdale in a couple of weeks for a few days. I'm completely unknowledgeable about culinary scene and would love some suggestions. My parameters are really quite flexible...I'm just looking for good food and an enjoyable experience. I could go for a great steak, seafood, ethic, ecclectic, casual, formal...whatever. I'm desperate to avoid souless tourist traps with no point of view. Thoughts?

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  1. I've only been to casa d'angelo. I was somewhat disappointed, but I feel that if you order correctly (get pastas, especially the lasagna - which was awesome) you can do very well there.

    Marks Las Olas - been to the Sobe one but not in a while, last time I went it was great, Las Olas is the original and supposedly better...

    Johnny V - tried the sobe one and came away mixed, some thigs great, others not so, but the sobe location is brand new, Ft Lauderdale might be better...

    Other places I have been dying to try that you might want to look into
    Chima - brazilian steak house
    Cafe Motarano - italian
    Eduardo de San Angel - upscale mexican
    Canyon - southwestern
    Dona Raquels - nearby in pompano, mexican
    Rainbow Palace-Fancy Chinese


    1. Count me in as one of the Johnnie V fans on Las Olas. Sometimes not stellar; but can always be counted upon for a solid meal. I echo the rec of TP of Canyon. The food and drinks are terrific; but be forewarned, the later you eat there, the more crowded it gets which might affect your experience if you don't have one of the tables near the windows as opposed to near the bar. It also causes the noise level to rise; but from their prickly pear margaritas with any of their fine apps and mains, down to their awesome desserts, it's never disappointed. If you don't mind venturing away from "downtown" Ft. Lauderdale, I'd also strongly recommend both Sunfish Grill and Cafe Maxx (the former for creative fish and the latter for creative new American fare) Oh, and lest I should go to Blue Moon Fish Co. on the Intracoastal waterway in Ft. Lauderdale. Very good fish with a great view (especially when the weather is as nice as it has been, to be enjoyed outdoors).

      1. Canyons is awesome. The tuna tartar is my fav. For casual we love Bonefish Max in Light House Point. For brunch Blue Moon off commercial is a must! We always bring out of towners to Houstons off Atlantic Blvd & intercoastal in Pompano, even though it is a chain food is good and outside atmosphere is great. Really like By Word of Mouth. A new place in Boca is Nick's Fishmarket of Hawaii, very trendy...good food and excellent service!!

        1. My votes for Fort Lauderdale would be: Marks Las Olas---its always good, renowned chef with an upscale atmosphere, great service and full bar, etc. This one's a great place and will not disappoint. For italian: I would strongly suggest Casa de Angelo. I really like this one. The food is excellent, and they will prepare anything to your liking. Wonderful pastas, fish, interesting apps. in a lovely space; wine only though. I prefer to sit in the wine room to the rear. Expect to have a little wait even with a res. because it is always busy and frequented by locals. Johnny V's is less consistent, imo and the chef may be spending more time in his new location in S. Beach--not certain. A new terrific small restaurant is Valentino's on US1. This is truly worth a try. Varied menu and delicious---but a little less upscale than the others previously mentioned. Agree with Canyon. I have not been to Eduardo de San Angel which serves gourmet Mexican, but hear that it is very good.

          1. Love Eduardo de San Angel! The service has always been great and the food is wonderful. I had a stuffed filet mignon that blew my socks off. I also like Casa de Angelo but agree that you should stick with some of the more traditional italian dishes. Mark's Las Olas is good. We went there for the first time 2 weeks ago. The service, while not overly friendly, was professional and on top of things. The food was very tasty. I think the prices are sky-high for what you get. I mean, $40+ for a white fish entree seems excessive! If you do want to try it, buy the entertainment book. They have a coupon in there for up to $38 off.