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The Village Idiot

I thought I saw a posting in the past few weeks about this place...but nothing comes up when I do a search.

Has anyone been yet? I'm planning to go tonight so just looking for thoughts and maybe food recommendations. Thanks!

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    1. Was there a week ago. The space is the old Chianti and Cucina space. Its an open room, open kitchen. The room has brick walls, large booths by the windows, a nice large bar in the middle. Maybe you could consider this LA's first gastropub. It had been open 8 days when I was there. When you walk in no host, you just find a spot. Watched as people walked in and were confused what to do. Good beer list, limited wine list but nice choices also full bar. Lots of people hanging out at bar. Quite the local neighborhood place. Good buzz. Menu was limited, 5 apps, 4 salads, 5 mains- somewhere between bistro and pub food. Food took a long time to come out of kitchen- that was the biggest problem. 1hour for apps, 1 hour for entrees. Some good food - sausages, some weak -catfish ,frisee salad. Very fair prices $10 -18.00. Surprised no burger on menu. Treat it as a pub,bar, tavern that's what they want it to be. Very friendly service and hands on ownership. Hope they solve the waiting for food issues

      1. Ugh, no valet? What was the parking situation?

        1. Parking is very difficult.There are some other valets down the street ,we parked in a strip mall by a Subway and hoped for the best.

          1. is this british gastro-pub cusine, slightly tweaked and updated, from the proverbial bangers and mash???

            1. Despite the slow service reviews, my BF and I still went last night...and we were not disappointed! Not only was the service spot on, but the food was quite impressive.

              We got there around 7pm and there was a host greeting us and we had a choice of 3 tables. We started with a romaine salad with marinated red onions and parmesan crisp which was delish, except maybe had a little too much pepper (I couldn't stop coughing while eating eat). We also shared the rock shrimp and scallion fritters --- YUM! They now offer a "Pub Burger," which I tried and it was very good along with yummy fries. The BF had the grilled pork sausage and mashed potatoes with a rich onion sause which was good as well. We each had 2 drinks (I had 2 glasses of shiriz and BF had 2 beers)...and it was very reasonable ($80 inlcuding tip).

              I will definitely be back! Great atmosphere, great food and great value.

              P.S. We ran into some friends on our way out (around 8:30'ish) and by that time it was an hour wait for a table so I would recommend getting there on the early side since they don't take reservations.

              1. i love the new space. went there 10 PM on a Sat night, apres theater and the place was hopping. consequently, service was pretty spotty. long time to get menu, a waiter, drinks, and when the food came, the drinks weren't there and by the time the drinks came, the food was cold the waiter apologized several times. got the frisee salad which was a tiny portion, esp compared to the mussels my husband got, so we split the fish and chips. we'll probably go back, try the pug burger and so on because it's fun to eat somewhere late that is lively and gives us a NYC feel.

                1. I've now been there twice in the past week and have had good experiences both times. It was crowded both times and we waited about 20 minutes for a table. Have yet to try any of the wines, but I like the selection of beers.

                  Food was very good, and I like the idea of a place where you can get a good burger and a beer in a social atmosphere for under $20.

                  First time there I had the mussels and the leek and goat cheese tart, and enjoyed both. My friend had the steak pie which was very, very good. Had the sausages with bangers and mash (at 8:30 on a thursday they were already out of the burger) which was good, but the sausage was a little bland and could have used some flavor or bite.

                  Though the crowds can be a little overwhelming if you are not prepared, this is a great neighborhood spot that I will keep going back to.

                  1. Just to touch base on The Village Idiot: They do have valet for $5.50 specifically for The Village Idiot. If you want, you can also try the metered parking depending on what time you're planning on going.
                    To clarify an earlier poster, they do indeed have a burger and it is HUGE. . .
                    The only downsides are the lack of a host stand, per say, as well as the longer waits for a table, BUT it is a great place so that's a good thing...better to be crowded for a good reason than empty in my opinion.
                    If you get there before 7:30pm on a Friday or Saturday I've found there to be no wait at all.

                    1. The Village Idiot thinks the residents in the nieghborhood are idiots.

                      They gave there word they would respect the residents around the area at night.........

                      The owners broke ther word.

                      Please keep it down when you leave late at night.....

                      Thanks, I just want to get some rest....

                      1. If you want quiet, don't live next to a busy, commercial, street.

                        1. went last week. the fish and chips were so so. the fish tasted frozen or of low quality or both. the mussels were overcooked and very salty and im a salt fan. the chicken however was great.

                          wines by the glass not that great and beer selection is average (i ended with boddingtons). space is nice. if you want to eat without ass in your face, youre gonna have to get a table that is adjacent to a wall. i prefer the buns in my face to be those of a hamburger

                          1. This place was great when it first opened, but seems to be having some difficulty adjusting to their popularity. The service was extremely hurried last time, our mains arrived while we were still eating our starters, and the second a fork or empty glass hit the table 3 busboys and a waitress swooped in to clear it. My burger was undercooked, almost to the point of still being raw, even after I sent it back because the cheese was unmelted.

                            I really want to like this place, but I'm afraid they make take the path of least resistance and not keep up a high standard of quality.