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Jan 19, 2007 06:57 PM

The Village Idiot

I thought I saw a posting in the past few weeks about this place...but nothing comes up when I do a search.

Has anyone been yet? I'm planning to go tonight so just looking for thoughts and maybe food recommendations. Thanks!

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    1. Was there a week ago. The space is the old Chianti and Cucina space. Its an open room, open kitchen. The room has brick walls, large booths by the windows, a nice large bar in the middle. Maybe you could consider this LA's first gastropub. It had been open 8 days when I was there. When you walk in no host, you just find a spot. Watched as people walked in and were confused what to do. Good beer list, limited wine list but nice choices also full bar. Lots of people hanging out at bar. Quite the local neighborhood place. Good buzz. Menu was limited, 5 apps, 4 salads, 5 mains- somewhere between bistro and pub food. Food took a long time to come out of kitchen- that was the biggest problem. 1hour for apps, 1 hour for entrees. Some good food - sausages, some weak -catfish ,frisee salad. Very fair prices $10 -18.00. Surprised no burger on menu. Treat it as a pub,bar, tavern that's what they want it to be. Very friendly service and hands on ownership. Hope they solve the waiting for food issues

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        1. Ugh, no valet? What was the parking situation?

          1. Parking is very difficult.There are some other valets down the street ,we parked in a strip mall by a Subway and hoped for the best.