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Blender Advice - aka KitchenAid vs. Cuisinart

I am in need of a blender, and though I did search the board, I didn't really find a dedicated blender thread.

So chowhounds.....

If I am willing to spend up to $200 (Canadian and including 14% tax) on a blender, should I go for:

a) The Cuisinart ($129+tax), or
b) The KitchenAid ($169+tax)

I've searched for reviews online, but I"m not really sure what I should get. I really want to buy this blender tonight, so no obscure brands please.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. I have a cool toggle Waring blender, so I can't speak for either of these blender brands. That said, I have several small appliances from both brands and find them extremely high quality, so I think you will be pleased with either. The biggest irritant for me is if the bottom is extremely narrow, because it's hard to scoop things out, so watch for that.

    I always ask salespeople if they have received raves or complaints about something I wish to buy, and I find that they very rarely lie, so you may wish to do so too.

    What a fun Friday night purchase! Enjoy!

    1. I am a Waring fan too. They are so reliable and simple.

      1. I did not like my KitchenAid blender - what a waste of a lot of money. It never swirled the contents properly, and the blade unit design is terrible, considering the price. When it finally broke after only 3 yrs, I bought a $30 Oster and love it a lot more! It's much faster, better designed for wear, and more efficient (as well as lighter) than the KA.

        1. I bought a reconditioned Kitchenaid from Amazon for maybe $30. It was, I think, brand new, with original packaging and fully warrantied. It works great.

          I highly recommend checking the reconditioned stuff out.

          This is what I got. http://www.amazon.com/Factory-Recondi...

          It was cheaper a year ago. Still a good deal, IMO.

          1. I bought a KA in probably /91 can't complain. I really like the meat grinder attachment (extra $$$). I grind my own chicken,turkey & beef.

            1. Hands down, Waring Pro. I tore up a Cuisinart, and we hated that thing. The shape of the glass carafe is too round and didn't mix up ingredients at all. Stay away from anything that is round. The Waring is the original, and clover leaf design is for a reason. I love that thing, it's powerful, and chops ice uniformly with no chunks.

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                Amen, amen amen. The only problem I have ever had with my Waring Pro is that the gasket gave out and it leaked. A trip to the hardware store for a square of neoprene, it might have been .59, and used the old one as a template and voila a new gasket. I have had it for about 20 years and it just keeps on going.

              2. Neither.

                I have had my Waring Stainless Steel 2 speed blender for more that 10 years. I just bought another Waring 2 speed. What is important in a blender is the power. The blenders that have multi-speeds that you never use are usually total crap.

                1. I would recommend vita-mix over either product. I know it's alot more money, but it is a lot more powerful tool. I have seen them at Costco, if you are looking for one.

                  1. The key to a blender is avoiding a short, squat, wide cup. Both the KA and Cuisinart suffer from this fundamental flaw.

                    Go with the classic, tall, cloverleaf Waring blender. There's a reason that they haven't had to change the basic design in half a century.

                    1. Cook's Illustrated did a review recently of high end blenders, including the vaunted Vita-Mix, and two of the Waring brand. The one that did best was the L'Equip RPM, priced around $135. It's a nice looking piece of machinery, too. The Braun PowerMax came in a close second, and only costs 50 dollars.

                      One that I have my eye on is the Blendtec Total Blender. It's not cheap (400 bucks!) but when they have videos on their website showing it blending things like light bulbs, hockey pucks, and golf clubs... damn, that's one hell of a blender!


                      1. I've had the KA for 5+ years and make smoothies and ice drinks a fair bit. I have never had a problem with it and it is great for crushing ice which a $30 Oster will NOT do. I prefer my CA Food Processor over the KA one's so I'm not liking my KA blender just b/c of the brand...

                        1. I love my Kitchenaid Pro, but I have no idea whether that's over your budget (Amazon in the US offers $25 discounts). I used an Oster for years and hated it since it never completely blended the ice. KA is great -- perfectly smooth every time.

                          1. Buy a Vitamix. I have a Vitamix 3600 bought in 1985. It has been used hard, and is still going strong. It's a terrific product, and the company stands behind them 100%. You might consider picking up a used one on ebay. A used 3600 is worth $100 (Canadian) in trade in value on a new model.