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Jan 19, 2007 06:32 PM

Bread Dough

Help! What can I do with bread dough that doesn't rise? I refrigerated it, reshaped it, put it in a warm place and it still does nothing.

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  1. It sounds like your yeast was no good (too old?) or died (you can kill it if your water/liquids are too hot).

    What about shaping it into flat bread and frying it, or even try trying it as a pizza if you have a pizza stone? it might be WAY too crispy, but worth a shot?

    1. Thanks for the ideas. Frying sounds like the way to go.

      1. You could roll it very thin and bake it for crackers. I've done that with doughs that didn't rise a few times - brushed them with butter before I baked them, and they came out well.

        1. Now, before you go and do something crazy, just wait a bit. You refrigerated it? For how long? Obviously, that will slow or halt the rise. How long was it in a warm spot?

          Sometimes, my bread just needs time to get going. If you haven't left it for at least 24 hours, I wouldn't start to worry yet. Even if you did put it in a warm spot, was it still cold at all? Has it risen even a little bit, or nothing?

          Dead yeast is very unusual these days, although it certainly is possible the yeast has been killed by too high a temperature. Rolling it thin to make crackers is a great idea if it won't rise at all. I like to put olive oil and rosemary on the top. Making a slit in the dough skin before you bake them will make it much easier too break apart into individual crackers.